#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Hands in close are a weapons, feet are painted on…


Has been superb since our turnaround. Hats off to him. Can’t help but think , does he hear and fear footsteps ? Drops a bit of the ball.


Worsfold said he barely trained this week suffering with a bit of a groin injury why the ■■■■ did you play him then?

Reckon he’s in doubt for next week


Plays his best footy when he’s crashing into packs and handpassing/ kicking out of a contest. Today he played looser and had more time to kick the ball, which the opposition would love. He has to play in the guts.


He didn’t have his greatest game and I did rip into him early in the year.
He’s probably sore as all hell carrying the team for the past 10 weeks.


i have no idea why his role was changed from getting the ball to playing loose, we were absolutely obliterated for clearances without Hepp smashing through packs


I often think his eyesight is not right in the way he misjudges so many kicks, just too short or over the top (kidding sort of) I don’t know. He just wastes so many of his possessions


A haircut may help with his vision issues

I’d never have thought that his brother would be a better kick than Dys


Unless he gets 10 clearances a game he is of little value


Tippa needs to shadow him at HB, BJ needs to stand on the other side of him and point to Tippa.


Looked sore and flat today like many of our players. But gee he has been fantastic, and a big reason why we won games.


woosha says he played injured


People knock his kicking but he always pinpoints an opposition player for a goal assist.

Stoner surfy captain. Ironically Francis is more Essendon of old than anyone on the list but hasn’t been getting a game and will be knocking softies like Heppell out for the next ten years


I’ve read a couple of your posts. Don’t you have a bridge to go sit under or something?


LOL. Fark off.


Seriously, this young man has shown a depth of character this year that eludes most people twice his age. Now it emerges that he’s also been carrying an injury, which finally caught up with him yesterday. Yes, he does sometimes kick “floaters” when a lower, more direct kick would be better but just look at the amount of hard ball he gets per game.
We are very lucky to have Dyson Heppell imo. It’s a shame that some Blitzers probably won’t truly appreciate him until he’s holding up the silverware in the next year or so.


Does anyone know the type of injury he has?
I’m a huge fan of Dyson mainly because he has stepped up several times when we have gotten desperate. I do think that the year of has taken him a while to recover from. I think he came back a bit too light for the role he had to step in to and while he covers plenty of ground he has taken plenty of damage.


Didn’t we have another match up?


The response from @Heffsgirl straight after yours was far more appropriate imo :smile:


ABC coverage observed he was getting a lot of work on his groin after the warm up. His kicking always suffers if he’s carrying something.