#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


He’s probably talking about leadership because a journalist asked him a question about leadership.


Not having a go at you - but it seems the players/club can’t win.

Speak candidly: why publicise such information?
Don’t speak candidly: they treat us fans like idiots. Why don’t they tell us what’s going on?
Either way: Fluff piece. (what should he do? Not answer the questions he’s being asked?)

His leadership has been exceptional, and should be acknowledged. Just as his clangers should be highlighted - or at least the ones that are simple skill errors with no pressure that hand the ball to the opposition. Hopefully he can fix the latter.

On the other hand, if you want to question the club: why come out with a presser saying we are not interested in Dayne Beams? That is something that need not be public. No one asked the question.


Maybe the club was asked to by some people. Sometimes it is not as simple as it often seems.


Maybe read that again and focus on the parts which clearly showed he was being asked direct questions and he was answering them.


Yeah, I guess I contradicted myself with that assumption.


I wouldn’t count the Port game as a loss yes it’s at AO but I reckon Essendon is one of the few teams that troubles Port


I do agree they are talking like it’s been a successful season again just like at the end of last year, the propaganda machine has started early for 2019.


Remember Zac Merret saying “not winning a premiership” was a fear of his on AFL Game Day.

Not saying it will happen but would hate to see guys like Merret,McGrath in a few years leave to chase success elsewhere club better win one soon.


It is talking about successfully turning around a disastrous start to the season. Don’t think they are saying the season itself is a success.

I do hope we can look back on that Carlton game as a similar point to Geelong under BT, when they lost to North and ushered in a review and changes that ultimately lead to long term success. However, I do agree with the pessimism, as we’ve seen too many false dawns with this football club.


I like posts like these because it turns out no matter how little a thing I find to complain about someone can go smaller.


I wasn’t complaining. I was curious if anyone could chime in on his personality. Curious if other young new captains do a similar thing. Pointing out that every Heppell media piece is on his leadership.


Another great game from our Captain. Also noticed he’s had a little trim. :innocent:


Good game by Heps. Must cut out the 3-4 howlers a game but outside of some sloppy disposal this bloke has been enormous post our horrid start.


Reckon he needs to curb his enthusiasm kicking from the back line a little. He tends to go for kicks with a small margin for error and they almost never come off.

He’s never had a penetrating kick, they always float a bit and hitting blokes in the middle surrounded by opposition probably isn’t the best idea for him. Perhaps just go back to playing the percentages, or spend the off season getting some real depth in kicking.

Has had a super season despite the 4-5 absolute howlers per game.


Yesterday, IceTemple strongly denied allegations that EFC was straightforward and simple. He went on to refute claims that things are more often simple than not.
More on this story in our next news cycle.
Next up after the break, we speak to Maxx, who has been under extreme pressure regarding his blatant critsising of his club’s Propaganda Department.


So, is he a real blond, then?


This is absurd. The department wants you all to believe I’m under pressure, I’m under no pressure god dammit. :cold_sweat:


Gets the ball 30 times a game, only gets noticed for the two or three kicks that go awry

Now he joins an illustrious list of Blitz whipping boys, which includes such champions as Jobe, Stants and Goddard


Nobody is whipping him, just pointing out his kicking needs some work. Apart from his kicking he was fantastic last night. Some of his work in close was absolutely top notch

His marking has really improved too


His marking has always been a strength imo