#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


It’s always been good, but under pressure it has gone up another notch


I can’t think of too many midfielders who are better than him overhead. It’s only the big midfield freaks like Fyfe really


This is par for the Blitz course. Every player in every game has kicks that go awry. Fan forums like this are notorious for focusing most of their attention on those clangers, and not on the vast majority of disposals that hit targets. No player is ever going to go through a game at 100% DE. Against the Saints l noticed that he was taking a bit more care to hit targets. l am also sure that Dys is aware that his kicking needs to improve and is working on doing just that. He may look very casual, but he is as driven as any other player in the game.


Yikes! 150 games for Hepp coming up. Well, at least it’s not 100 or 200. The 50’s have worked well for them this year :wink:


Hmmm. I think part of his leadership role means setting the tone with the game plan. If the rest of the team see Hepp play on at all costs and taking aggressive kicks and rolling the dice, even if it fails then they at least have feel they have a license to do the same. It’s also important if we set up to play a certain way, then we actually play that way. This style of play is especially important and noticeable at the start of our games. If it’s not Hepp it’s Zaka or Zerret and they often look bad when it doesn’t come off, but it really signals to our guys how we intend to play and removes a lot of doubt.
It seems like early on in the season we had a lot more backwards kicking, and Woosha was talking about guys playing in conservation mode and being afraid to look bad. Heppell referred to himself not being a good enough leader and maybe this had a bit to do with it.


Can someone please post the Herald Sun paywall article.

Thanks in advance



Where was this from?


Herald sun player ratings.


If someone in the media mounts a case, Heppell could go close to All Australian.


For me it’s because I go to a game and go “yeah Hep played alright. Couple of howlers but apart from that he was good.”

And then come home and watch the replay and the commentary team has him up in the box riding his ■■■■. He played a good game but it wasn’t that good. It’s almost at Rance levels.


I was thinking probably not, lots of mids have been talked up more. Depends how many they want to squeeze in. Has had a great season though, could go 20 Brownlow votes with his consistency and our ok win haul.


He’ll make the squad most likely


solid case…


How many mids will be picked? I’m guessing 8-9.
I’d have Mitchell, Oliver, Cripps, Higgins and Macrae clearly ahead. Then you have the next tier that will be subjective. Even my choices are subjective.
I think he’ll go close and media support probably gets him over the line.


You also get the ones who don’t have great seasons but get in on reputation: Martin, Dangerfield, Selwood etc.


Dyson must have been pretty good in the last couple of weeks. No one is insisting that he cut his hair and tidying himself up any more.


I’m constantly saying that.

I said it in the game day thread.


Oh yeah, I forgot about you. Doesn’t matter. You’r a twat! :wink:


Heppell is THE barometer of the teams fortunes. He, more than any other player can drag this team over the line. I’d expect for his 150th that he’ll be supercharged to put in a big one and attack the contest with ferocious intent. I’m visualising a similar type game to round 1, 2017 against the Hawks from the captain.