#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell




I remember the end of 2010. Hirdy announced coach, getting a kid called Heppell in the draft. Didn’t really know what to expect.

Played every game in his first season. Won the rising star.

Hasn’t looked back since.

Congrats on 150 Dys.

The best is yet to come.


Has anyone ever seen his ears?


great game so far tonight Hep


kept us in touch in that first quarter.


You replied to me his decision making is good yet he’s kicking is poor. Unless he improves his kicking his good decisioning can only be if he kicks to a long 50/50 or long down the line.


who else other than jobe has gone from a ■■■■ kick to ok?


It’s his decision making, he needs to realise that he is an average kick and pick his targets accordingly.

Or he needs to spend the off season seriously addressing his kicking.


Thought he worked really hard tonight, watching him from up high he so often had to cover for his fellow mids non existent defensive running

He needs to fix up his kicking, but the effort is definitely there.

I have been a massive critic of him this season, but he has turned things around big time. Happy to have this guy as captain


Lol everyone goes backwards at windy hill/ Tullamarine. I’ll keep thinking but at this stage I can’t think of anyone.

It has to be the primary focus over the offseason or we have to change our game to reduce the turnovers that lead to goals. All year our kicking has caused a 4+ goal swing.


He always tries, even when he’s getting belted. The guy has immense inner strenght, unfortunately, he just doesn’t hurt sides enough.

I would love for him to go back to playing HBF. He still has the ability to mop up and dish off as he’s very composed and a great mark.

We are basically using him as a midfield battering ram. It’s just not effective for his skill set.


So no-one ever notices the kicks he hits sharply to leading player, but you get pages about the one or two bad turnovers he made.

Heppell’s kicking is hardly perfect, but it’s become such an overblown issue. You see players shank kicks every week. Devon Smith has as many poor kicks as Heppell but no-one says a word about it


devon smith has a haircut you could set a watch to.


Is his groin issue on his kicking side. If so woukd explain jis poor disposal by foot in '18.

Never been like this before


Zach merrett should be captain.






He does it all. Defensively and offensively. He leads by example. You can’t not follow his lead


Yes, he absolutely did! Great player! That kick though, opened us up completely.
It’s a facit of his game that needs improving. Other than that, I would rather have him as captain!


So you don’t think Heppell does? You assume the players don’t follow his lead at all? You don’t think he is offensively and defensively any good?

This year (not including tonight):

Hepps / Zerrett
539 disp

8.4 goals

217 cont possie

330 up

33 1%

97 clearances

7 marks I50

116 marks

8 goals assists