#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell




at least he got a kick away unlike…


Sure, but I was just pointing out that people love to criticise their favourite whipping boys but gloss over mistakes the"chosen" make.

When Zach makes a mistake by foot going into the middle of the ground it’s aggressive and play making, when Heppell does it it poor decision making and he should have gone the boundary.

Heppell has flaws, and I’d say Merrett is the better player but it’s hardly the biggest problem we have but seems to come up again and again by people who just want the best player in the team to be the captain to make them feel better when we lose.


Merrett isn’t even our best player this year. Smith and Heppell have been better overall. But Zach never makes a mistake and Smith is a god.


Heppell should not be captain. Continually makes bad mistakes at the times where we need a steady head. Orazio should be captain.


Him and Parish literally cannot kick the footy.
High up and unders.


He is just a liability to the team with anything other than an extracting handball.

We needed him to step up last night and for the most part he didn’t.


Guelfi will be the captain of essendon in 5-8 years imo.


You do realise this is every side.

Every side tries to pressure others into mistakes which turns into goals.

We hail Walla and Fantasia when they do it. We are happy when our mids man up well on defensive transition to make the opposition disposal more difficult.

Well guess what. Every other team does it!

That’s life. That’s the modern game. Get over it.

Truth is in the last 3 mths we should have beat Hawks and lost to Tigers and Pies by a few kicks when we didn’t have our 2 most important players in Daniher and Fantasia.

We have a young midfield and we are going ok.


Give it time.


So they can then say how ■■■■ he is, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.


Donnington pls


Every team does it and that’s why teams score 8+ goals on the turnover. We’re on another level though, 2 extra basic ball passages that should score and we give it up on the inside that result in them scoring. At least miss a target wide or long on the outside.
It’s the costly turnovers in our defensive half under no pressure where I see them 4+ goal swings. Fantasia and Daniher are another kick away.
It’s an issue that our game plan has allowed. Game plan needs to be altered to suit our kicking skills or we need to improve our kicking considerably.


Heppell had a ■■■■■■ good year. He’s basically held our midfield together.

Some of the comments above are very sad and misguided.

Yes kicks badly sometimes but goes in hard and leads from the front.

It’s hard to have unbelievable skills in the midfield. Heppell Averages 27 disposals a game 72% efficiency.

Dangerfield 68%, gaff 75%, Ablett 71%, Kelly 71%, Merrett 70%, Cotchin 64%, Martin 66%


can people stop quoting efficiency like it means something, absolute farce of a stat.

you kick the ball 40 metres forward and its an efficient kick.


Once again you prove you don’t actually watch games of football, just run around slagging off players and the team when we lose while going missing when we are winning. Go back to bogfooty where you belong.


I’d call you an idiot but that’s a cohort I don’t want to offend


So what’s an ineffective kick?


It’s called a “colyer”


You actually post just like Jay Neagle played footy, he didn’t use his brain either.