#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Missed out on the AA squad.

once again proving the selectors have NFI. the bias on that panel is atrocious.


As opposed to the bias on this thread?

Seriously he is nowhere near AA m8


Saad’s absence is the biggest injustice


bullsh*t. hes a farking workhorse and is criminally underrated by bombers and opposition supporters alike




His performances post the Caaarlton game would warrant serious consideration, but taken over the entire season, his performances do not.


If that is the criteria then Dangerfield and Martin are lucky to be in the squad, and probably 10 others.

Seems to me that AA is mostly about previous years than the current one.


Fair point, l am only talking about Heppell.


I think your are correct about Hepps.

I actually question how the whole AA team is decided. It seems a given that the Best forward for the year wins the John Colman Medal and Jack gets the key forward role, but the best small pressure forward for the year is Walla but he is not even considered. They will probably throw Brown and Franklin into th eTeam which is a nonsense.


The question is, would Heppell give a ■■■■?
Captain of an AA team in a premiership year would be his only AA satisfaction from here on out.
He had a pretty good year, best and fairest and Brownlow votes will show that.


Tell me with a straight face that Cotchin, Edwards and Lambert had a better season than him…

Heppell is top 10 in AFLCA votes. And the only top 10 player not in the AA squad.


Exactly. It’s a ■■■■■■■ disgrace


I also think Heppell is very stiff not to make the AA squad.


If it is to a contest.

How many 40+ metre kicks do you see in a game that aren’t to a contest or a switch in defense?


Lambert and Edwards 100% had better seasons.
My face is straight.


Lambert had

Less kicks
Less possessions
Less clearances
Less contested possessions
Less tackles
Less one percenters
Less metres gained
Less effective disposals
Less rebounds (oh but Lambert is a great runner)
Less coaches association votes
Less attention from opposition players
Less leadership requirements
Less intercepts

But yeah. He had a better year??? How a role player like Lambert gets in ahead of Coniglio and Heppell is diabolical.

Can’t even be bothered with Edwards. Suspect it reads even more in Heppells favour.


why are you comparing hepp to two small forwards ■■■ midfielders? in any case, edwards and lambert have had stellar seasons.

Cotchin I’m not so sure about. It’d be 50/50 either way with that one.


A contest with equal or better numbers to be precise


This has been Cotchins worst season since 2010. Absolute [email protected] over him the last 2 years. He has been very ordinary.

As for comparing to the others. You are probably right. But I’m just staggered how farken ridiculous the selections are.


Im not entirely sure why people get their knickers in a knot over it tbh. Its legit just a media favourite award that really means sfa.