#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


because its an accolade that players work hard to achieve. only one club gets to win a flag every year and only a specific type of midfielder gets to win a brownlow every year. every other player has to look to AA selection for legitimacy and is regularly brought up when discussing a players achievements over their career.

The selection panel is full of media buffoons, AFL suits and sooks who will p1ss and moan if their club of interest doesn’t pick up enough selections to their liking.

much like the brownlow, the system needs a massive overhaul


I surely hope AFL players don’t validate themselves based upon whether they hit AA status or not.


Well it certainly helps in contract negotiations


His form after the Carlton game warrants selection, his form before doesn’t. Then again,

The AA has been a joke for a long long time, I’m surprised people still even get upset about it.


Whilst not AA level at the start of the year, he was still very good IMO. Will definitely be in our top 3 B&F at that stage of the year. Its his decent enough start to the year that makes people think Hep will win the Critchon over Smith…because his last 2/3 of the year was better Smith’s in my opinion.


Need to admit that I don’t watch many non EFC games these days but I would have been shocked to see Hepp in the AA squad.


I don’t need validation via AA squads to know what Dyson brings to the side. Absolutely the right person to lead the club.


Good for you …


X. Cam “Im sorry Dyson, you didnt make the AA team this year”
Dys "Yeah nah no worries cobba. me mate @PipetoNul sez i dont need it anyway so its all swoit "


Too right!!

Dyson knows common sense when he hears it!!


Numbers don’t translate to influence. Lambert and Edwards have been hugely influential for Richmond this year. If you’d watched them much this year you’d have seen that as clear as day.
I’m not suggesting Heppell hasn’t had a decent year, especially since the debacle of the 1st 8 weeks, but to say he should be in ahead of two of the most influential players in the minor premiers side is naive and blinkered.


They were selected in the fwds group though so Hep not being ahead of them irrelevant.

The issue is him not being picked in the midfield grouping for us against Cotchin for example.


Fair enough - but that argument holds equally true when applied to our own team - Hepp has been HUGELY influential and key to our turn-around. He deserves, and hopefully will be awarded, the Crichton.


And the Crichton :joy:


hahaha…too quick for me :slight_smile:


You changed it? Damn! I was all for Hepp winning ALL the awards!


I edited straight after I posted, but you caught me :slight_smile:
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