#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Too ■■■■■■ right you’d deserve it!


I don’t get the pun?


Well…there’s ‘right’ and then there’s ‘too right’.


Everyone makes mistakes posting on here. Everyone. There are no exceptions.


As if


Virtually everything you just argued applies in the reverse to Heppell.

Not only that, but the coaches voting him in the top 10 AFLPA coaches votes would have him fairly influential would you not think?

Or are your blinkers on?


I think you’re wrong :grinning:


l know on this one thing, l am not wrong. :wink:


double post


Or a colynder.
It sprays everywhere.
Or something


Agreed. He’ll go very close. Down to he and Smith.
It was probably the team’s collective stinking 1st two months that cost him an AA nom in reality.


No I’m fully aware of where Heppell’s season sits in an overall context…


Didn’t cost Cripps a spot and that was a whole year.


Cripps played well though.

Heppell was off on form as well those first 8 weeks.

Which is why no EFC player got in (though honestly Smith should have. Rare few that played well during those first few weeks) - can’t make AA on 14 weeks of good form.


Smith was victim of his biggest strength being an un-glamorous defensive one. Just as Neville Jetta (And McGrath who was statistically better) didn’t get in last year as a small defender.


They have him 5th in the Brownlow same votes as Max Gawn. Unbelievable effort if it comes true…hardly gets a mention…just goes about it


Be even better if he wins it. I put $20 on him at 50/1 a couple of months back. Edit: actually 81/1


Our slow start wont help, got a lot of the ball but turned it over a bit


He wont win but still had a good year. Better than what a lot of people realise.


Oh, he gets lots of mentions. Just scroll back and look at all the posts calling him ‘soft’, ‘not captain material’, hippy’, ‘junky’, ‘an embarressment’, etc.