#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


He will ■■■■■ it in.


I’ll admit I questioned whether he was the right guy to lead the club. I didn’t attack him personally or about anything dumb like how he looks.

I just thought his 2017 was underwhelming and he was beaten by his direct opponent too often.

12mths later I am happy to say I was wrong.

Perhaps the injury he carried all last year was not insignificant because his on field performances this year were fantastic.


Dyson Heppell came third in last years Crichton (11 votes behind 1st and one behind 2nd) and polled 14 Brownlow votes (1 behind Zerrett)

His poor 2017 is a Blitz myth


he came higher than Zac last year in the crichton, even though Zac had a much much better year.

Hep will win the BnF, nothing surer.

Devon Smith should be the one who wins it though- he has been more consistent and was much better when we were awful.


His first few months of the year were poor, and his second half of of the year was excellent. I’m hoping he carries that form into the start of next year.



I’d prefer his form to be excellent throughout the entire season.


For mine, he had easily been our best and most important player this year.



Agree 100% Smith should win it but Heppell will win it. There’s been years past where Heppell’s finished much higher than I anticipated which surprised me, it wont this year.


I think Heppell will win it but only just. Smith will gain a lot of ground by polling votes in the games where we were diabolical.


I’d nearly bet that Heppell is in front after round 8


Just looked at Dyson’s insta story. He is happy he got Sam Mitchell’s autobiography for Christmas. He is dead to me.


Maybe planning on using it for toilet paper?


Dart board


Apparently our coaches told Dyson he need a bit more c**t in him. What better way to learn than read that book.


You know, trash talking / sledging / getting under the oppositions skin is a legitimate tactic to unsettle your opponent, right? When it’s all said and done, Mitchell is a once in a generation player. Can totally understand Heppell’s enthusiasm for the signature.


? He’s not even in the conversation for the best player of his era, let alone a once in a generation talent


An under-rated player - Top 3 in the Crichton for the last 6 years says it all - If only more players could reach Dyson’s level of consistency.


Good I want us to play with aggression want bumps and tackles that hurt the opposition (legally of course)


Sam won’t even be the best Mitchell of his generation.

He won’t even be the best Mitchell to wear the wees and poos in the last 10 years.