#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Who cares it was FC?


Koutoufides did a knee against us and missed a bunch of the season, he would have won it otherwise. And Hird was every bit as good as the other two but had an enormously strong team around him which spread the votes between them.


That was Round 20 he did his knee, wasn’t it? 3 games.


What is there to get?
He was a decent player in mediocre sides, who had one super year in a side that went top 4. Lucky to win maybe, but he was in the top 4 or 5 chances that year, he wasn’t an absolutely rank outsider.

Scott Wynd won one with 20 votes, and never got more than 12 votes again. Brian Wilson and Adam Cooney the exact same story. It does happen.

They needed to change the rules - rules that had stood for 90 odd years - to get Fyfe a medal.



Carlton that year had the top two possession getters (Ratten and Campo) in the whole league, and they both also kicked 25+ goals, and got a lot of votes.
And those two shared the C*nton best and fairest.
That’s almost the classic case of teammates pinching votes.

Woewodin was a one man band.


Woewodin winning the Brownlow confirmed that it was s midfielders medal.


No it didn’t, it was always known as that with the occasional shock of a non-midfielder thrown in.


Yes it did


Is this just the 5 minute argument, or the full half hour?





It’s the argument when you can’t be bothered arguing😊


I was just impressed the swear filter likes Monty Python enough to let it through untouched.


I was just impressed by how well you know Reboot.


I am not sure why anyone would listen to you, you don’t like Darcy “Darcy Parish” Parish.


By years end nobody will😊


Nobody will listen to you or nobody will like Parish?


I apologise for derailing this thread and will get off the subject and back to “Doise”.
BUT…it is a rare thing for someone who averages 4 votes a year in his career to suddenly win anything!
Don’t quote me a “for instance” and tell me I’m wrong.

Fyfe won a a medal in 2015 with 29 votes to rnd 14 and 2 for the rest of the year.
It was this sort of argument that people used to prove Jobe was on something and came off it towards year’s end.
So if Jobe was on “something”, using CAS logic, Fyfe must have been too.

Now back to Mr. Heppell. I love the man and hope h has a great year. Even, dare I say it, a premiership captain.


Nobody listens to me now.


l’ve already told you twice.


Would never win it any more, these days you need at least one elite season before the umpires take notice of you.