#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


People just feel sorry for wowoedin


Anyone expecting a career best year this year?

He is right in his prime, settled as captain, has the midfield cattle that can handle themselves around him and third year back.
We all fantasise about how promising our younger guys could be but this guy respectfully had as good as a start to a career as anyone. I think hes missed out on the recognition this preseason but could easily destroy it in our bnf, be AA and challenge for a Brownlow.
Deservedly so we have been critical of his disposal the last two years, I hope his basic skills have improved.


Everyone will seem like superstars after being sprinkled by magic premiership dust.


I think all of the older guys will be made to look better with the young coming through. Teams will now have to contend with an elite midfield unit as opposed to just 2 or 3 elite players.



No more looping floaters kicked to the opposition would be good.


I’n Expecting a very big year from Hep. People forget how good he is.


I think some people severely over estimate how often this happens. They see something in someone’s game that isn’t perfect (in Dyson’s case kicks that tend to float), then put that it in a worst case scenario and claim that as a constant occurrence, and as a blight on their game.


My biggest gripe with Dyson at times is how slow he is to turn around after a mark. Hurley does the same. When our game plan is go go go.


Its the easiest aspect he can improve to have more influence on the game.


This is not correct. Heppell’s basic skills are perfectly fine, he just has a problem that sometimes he floats his kicks. Can this improve? Of course. Is his basic skills a problem? No, no they are not.


He butchered it for the first two months of last season. It was honestly, pretty poor disposal

After that, it turned around bigtime. But let’s not pretend it didnt happen because, it did. He obviously worked on it because the back half of the season it was improved, and fine. And that’s a credit to him


Was it actually any different?

Or was it just more noticeable/people jumping on it more since we were losing in 1st half of season

And also because team pressure was better not hurt as much later in season.

Where’s our champion data guru at?


His clanger count was no higher than the rest of the season. Also his Supercaoch and AFL Fantasy scores were pretty high and they are based on stats. So if he was butchering as badly as you paint that would not be the case.

So I am not sure you are actually very correct on that level.


I don’t think clangers and fantasy statistics note 50/50 contests. I clearly remember a lot of easy kicks that should of been made being turned into 50/50 contests and end up resulting in turnovers. This was a problem for the first part of the season

I have huge amounts of respect and admiration for hep. I didn’t really rate his first part of the season but after the carlton lost I thought it was a turning point and he was really, really fkg good. He wasn’t alone in the first part, most guys were ordinary. But his disposal massively improved throughout the year, imo


The whole team were down that first part of the season. However my feeling was that people wanted to blame someone and Heppell was the choice. Zerrett was worse and yet barely anyone commented on other than to say he was down, Hepps though copt all the abuse.


Agree on this part, an easy kick that should be low and flat and easily stays in our teams hands compared to the same kick being high and floaty allowing time for a spoil i don’t think is counted as a clanger. A lot of kicks that should result in an uncontested mark end up having to be a contested mark is the issue and that’s why players with a low flat kick, especially these days with such organized zones, are so important.


Clangers? Maybe not. Kicks that are routine and easy but take too long to get to their target an gives the opposition a chance to spoil? All too often.


There’s always certain players who get over criticised for their occasional disposal errors. They also usually tend to be the players who get the most possessions and do the most running.


I don’t think he does make that many turnovers, but he absolutely does tend to make a fair few of one type, hang kicks up there just a little too long.
Telegraphs it and the opposition can sweat on that kick, and get numbers to that contest and turn it over.


There’s no denying it’s part of his game, but it’s not the continuous problem it’s painted to be