#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I’m sure the coaches would find somewhere, even if he wasn’t captain, he’d be damn near first picked every week.

The guy is an absolute jet of a footballer.


Well that’s interesting.

I’ve thought that he wouldn’t be suited to a wing because he lacks pace, and doesn’t have the elite footskills.

I like him in the centre because he can win his fair share of clearances, and has assets that kill most other inside mids around the ground.


Not all wingman need to be brad Hill. Hepp knows how to find the ball. And he’s an amazing one on one player. I’m not saying play him exclusively on the wing but if he gets more minutes there as part of the rotation it does suit his strengths even if he has an unusual athletic profile for a traditional wingmen


His strength is in the contest and in traffic. He’s our best player at that.


for mine that is his biggest weakness. If he can fix that up he could very well become one of the best players in the comp. He has everything else imo


agree 100%. His marking is a massive strength, has vice like hands. Very courageous too, stands under the high ball and never flinches


I think so, in the short term, anyway.

Long term, I think he’ll be real good, but I don’t expect him to be one of our best mids in 2019.
Has too many to overtake (Hepp shiel smith Zerrett Zaha). I could see him overtaking Langford, Myers & Parish.


I don’t think this can be true because there’s just not anyone on our list who works as hard as he does.
He gets the ball not because of selfishness, or seniority, but because he presents, and presents, and presents.


he can be in the contest and traffic WHEN HE BRINGS HIS ■■■■■■■ SIDE STEP BACK.


The comment you quoted was a seriously poor comment.


Got a call from Hepp yesterday. I said hi Dois, but he just talked over the top of me.


If only he was on the phone I’d have said to him to worry about winning a final for the first time in 15 years before you start trying to flog off guaranteed grand final tickets


Yeah you tell that slacker


He’ll be an even better leader this year.
He’s just doing his job. That thank you for the membership was nice but don’t so much appreciate the club using him to squeeze more cash out of us.


Less time spruiking memberships, more time practicing kicking Dyson.


And why would we be Kicking Dois?? Is this that thing about the hair again?? :smirk:


I think that’s Hird’s influence as a player and a captain.

Hepp still hasn’t peaked imo, still think he’ll shake the brownlow one year.


Im sure he was pulled straight out of training to man the phones


Could work on his marking a little also


Needs to trim his hair too, make it a little more conservative.