#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


The JLT games


I wouldn’t be using that as an indicator.

We have had a bench of 8 players and heavy rotations. They have to go somewhere.

Not that I would be opposed to it.


Dyson will on ball in the guts. There’s no doubt about it.


Someone’s imagination and no.


I thought there must have been a Robbo article or something.



How is that man chief football writer of any newspaper?!


Good question that.


Another gem from chris64.


I’m with you on this one.
He probably pinches himself and agrees with you too.


There’s an interview with Hepp on SEN from this morning on the Essendon website.


Wondered if Dois had escaped to New Zealand for a couple of days cos I came across this chair in a campground just west of Haast that I thought must be his!


I’m backing Hep in for a big year. JLT was just getting the legs some handy km’s on the outside. I got the feeling he’s had a couple of years leading and getting everyone on the same page and this is his year to return to being one of the best players in the comp. We saw instances last year where he found a way to get us over the line but this year it will be a regular occurrence. He’ll go to another level of not just putting his body on the line for our team but get further involved in chains that result in dangerous forward entries and goals.
I’m predicting high finishes in the end of year awards and into the top 15 players in the competition. He’s at the right age now to show his absolute best.




The AFL has suggested it will photoshop an Essendon player in the photograph before its official release.



Fark the rest of the Captains!

Well done Hepps!


Can we pick the player?



I reckon Dois is a larger than life character. That photo proves it.


I thought they said Hepp didn’t turn up ??!!???