#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Still trying to work out how they can call it a captains photo shoot if half of them are not captains?


Highly unprofessional.
It’s not how things are done. Bunch of farkin amateurs.


We may have found our big bodied mid.


Pretty poor on the clubs and captains part if they’ve known for a long time this time and date was approaching and still have no one fronting.


Or they all think it is a load of wank.


It’s once a year, we all have to front up in our jobs to conferences, meetings etc that are a load of w ank but you still turn up if you’re summoned by the boss to attend.

Just reflects really poorly.


If he had a sensible haircut this wouldn’t have happened.


Spot on - thought you would be the last person to give a ■■■■ about this though.


Was the photo shoot in Wangaratta?


The whole thing looks like a complete shambles.


theres hot chips at conferences.


It was a captains day organised by the AFL and not even all the captains showed up.

We gave it the respect it deserved.

AFL couldn’t organise a Fark in a whorehouse!


The old red and black again.


Pretty poor by the AFL not to invite Captain America and Captain Marvel, a missed opportunity for cross promotion


Which players aren’t captains? Genuine question because I don’t know plenty of the captains from other clubs


Max Gawn isn’t the captain of the Dees (Viney and Jones are), JJ isn’t captain of the Doggies (Easton Wood is).

Adelaide and Port have co captains as well.

Edit - Callan Ward is GWS Captain not Phil Davis. Josh Kennedy and Rampe are the Swans co captains.


Witts to?


Ward & Davis co-captains?


My bad. Thought it was just Ward. My mistake!


Surprised to see so many had Hepp in our best today.

Didn’t get his hands dirty once and was dishing up looped kicks all day.

Can’t wait for his tweet tomorrow.