#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


His intent and grunt work was good but his disposal was heinous


Always is for those inside guys. Kennedy was far worse on that front. You just don’t notice it when it’s the other team.


Nah… 70% efficiency … one of our best… Our disposal overall was laughable… and inside 50 at 39% it was devastating.


There is a difference between coughing it up when in a pack or doing the grunt work and just butchering it in general play. He was one of the main culprits for just bombing loopy kicks into our forward 50


Maybe they didn’t want to be seen crying on t.v.


Just having a giggle because they know they’ve just fcuked my tipping again.


I love Hepp but his layed back, she’ll be right persona lacks any sort of ruthlessness and hardness that this club so desperately needs. We have so much talent but just can’t get any sort of consistency and it seems acceptable at Essendon to lose these close games and just go missing for huge parts of games. I want to see a captain that’s hurting after a loss like tonight. Not a captain having a laugh and a smile with another senior player. It’s disrespectful to all the supporters and that this club means so much to.


Reckon possessions have hidden Heppel’s struggles in the last three weeks - Everything for him has been moving slowly - He needs to have a bigger impact.


If we were 6-2 and Myers wanted to joke and say ‘bit far for the old fella’, it still wouldn’t be remotely acceptable but I’d think ‘we’re in a good spot at the moment’.

We’re the biggest disappointment of the AFL season to date, bar none, and there is an absolute eternity of daylight to whoever is second. I don’t flaming care what the hell they thought was funny or worth joking about you, you do NOT laugh/smile/joke after being a bunch of pathetic losers to the side sitting 18 on the ladder in a season where you were sposed to finish in the top eight.


Maybe dys and myersy were saying thank god bsd can screen all the anger coming our way. We only respond to coaches… sometimes.


Worst captain I have ever seen at this club.

When the inevitable coaching group get broomed out, so does he.


Have to agree was one of our best


Spot on.


This guy makes Jack Ziebell look like an A grade captain. Barely can kick over 30 metres, a deadset disgrace. Keep on smiling Dys, she’ll be right!


He does not deserve the captaincy.

I’d love him to be my boss at work.

He is only there for a laugh and to run around on a weekend, he doesn’t have the attitude or intent of a player who will move heaven and earth for success.

As far as Dyson is concerned, he gets paid 6 figures a year to run around on a weekend for the club he supported as a kid. Nothing more.

This bloke will not lead us to a premiership.



Got anything inspirational about our jovial captain?


Yep, you can tell he doesn’t put in nearly enough work in the gym as well. He should have the physique and size of a Luke Parker. He has been in the system long enough. His attitude along with the whole club stinks


Looks like Goldilocks & plays like Goldilocks.
Worst disposal in the side - to many turnovers…


Puts hand up, i predicted essington.

Wheres stander2 or whatever his name is ?? Apparenrly our next 3 games are easy wins chalked up already


I think “THE SAGA” and the year off footy changed Dyson’s attitude towards it. He’s a professional who tries hard but just sees it for what it is, a game. I think we need more than that, especially from someone who’s our captain.