#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


The whole thing wasn’t quite right for the demeanour you’d expect of desperate disappointed determined footballers.

He smiles and winks, why?
He doesn’t go for the biggest distance kick he can to give it every chance, a torpedo, why not?
He makes a joke. His skipper gives a beaming grin.

It was just not what we’re accustomed to seeing after years of watching close finishes, no matter what team. Are other teams winking and smiling? Why do our guys react this way?

I’m not gonna labour it anymore, they can feel what they feel, and react how they like. But I fully get why some supporters here don’t like it.


It sucks to be an Essendon fan and an Arsenal fan at the same time doesn’t it mike? :frowning:


I have actually enjoyed watching Arsenal this year.

We haven’t been particularly great in a results sense but I can already see a culture change going on under Emery. Emery doesn’t have favourites and is not afraid to bench big names players if they aren’t conforming to his methods.

It may take a few years to get the players required but at least I can now see that we are becoming a football club again even if we don’t have the money to compete with the big boys.


Nah, it wasn’t, really.
Sure that isn’t just disappointment talking?


I reckon hep is a fine player. I dont think he’s a captain though. Imo, he is not a great leader

If i was in that team, id want smith to captain me


His kicking is terrible, inside the packs he is good as he has good hands


Isn’t it up to the playing group. If they want him captain he stays.


My comment relates solely to last night’s game.

I remember thinking last night, that Hepp & McGrath were better than usual with delivery. Till the last quarter, anyway.


Supporters laugh at Essington and it’s an act of treachery. The leadership group do the same, and it’s no problem.


Let it slip???


Laughing after the game just confirms the joke the league thinks he and his team are and he’s in on it.

Real funny when the fans stop turning up you muppet.


I doubt you would ever see Hirdy or Lloydy behave that way after a loss.

Heppell is another good bloke and he is a nice bloke.


Sorry, wrong place.


Yeah emery has been good in his first season.
Except for the last few weeks I was really impressed.

Gutted we let ramsey leave for nothing though.


Unfortunately the guy is so used to losing it doesn’t hurt anymore. Champions hate to lose. The fear of losing drives them to win. Essendon is full of leaders who are happy to take the positives out of a loss and pretend to learn something from it.


I’m not sure of Ramsey’s hamstring recovery but I would love nothing more than for to score a final minute winner in the Europa league final.

He’s going to be missed


Heppel took some great marks and was involved in a lot of play.

I dunno he is a long way from the next dropped.

the best captain? I dunno if the players follow him I guess.

I’m not sure why there is so much vitriol towards him. Could be more serious and set a better tone when things arent going well…I guess.


Some interesting reading.


oh my god imagine if he did.
Like the FA cup.
Im pretty sure they allready said he wont play again this season though.
which is strange because the final is still another 3 weeks away and hes already been out for ages.


ZMerrett for mine or a fit Smith.
Zak would strive to get to the next level and the losses would eat him up inside.

Plus he’s the future.


I know they ruled him out of EPL games which is understandable but I’m not sure about Europa.

Maybe an arrangement has been made with Juventus for him to go early.

Would love for him to be the one to get us back into champions league though.