#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I don’t care the consequence, scenario, thought or emotion behind it, but in no world is doing THIS

After a horrible, pathetic display of football, ok.


Dev Smith had an article in the age today about how ridiculous it is to get upset with Dyson for having a laugh with Myers after the game to make him feel better.


A teammate sticking by his captain.

Huge surprise.


Should it be? Would anyone vote for a tough hard marking bloke who would actually call them to account for poor performance?


A captain making his team mate feel better. What a surprise.


for starters Myers looked like he didn’t need cheering up.

Secondly there are many ways of cheering each other up but laughing on a national tv audience after you have just lost to the bottom team is probably not the best one.


Based on your opinion. You can’t possibly make that call. Silly thing to say.


I can read facial expressions


Come on man. Do you actually think he thought the situation was funny? If so then maybe you’re not as good at reading people as you think.


I’ve got no issue with Hepp post game or in his post game review interview.


People looking for things to be outraged about. Like the performance isn’t enough.


How about they concern themselves with winning rather than laughing around after the game.

That result was as predictable as you will find yet they had no idea.


Don’t care about the photo, but I think questions over his captaincy are warranted.

Like a lot of discussions on blitz it ends up binary, he’s either great or hopeless, when the truth really sits somewhere in the middle. I think he provides on field leadership and would comfortably be in every leadership group in the comp, however I don’t think he is a great captain. In an environment where fingers are being pointed at board members, ceo, coaches and list manager I don’t think the captain should be afforded a pass.

Reality is under his captaincy we have totally treaded water and a hallmark of this time is inconsistent performance. He’s not captaining a team of kids through a rebuilding phase, so this isnt acceptable.


Just the usual suspects who stir up trouble and then start a feeding frenzy. Just ignore them Lance.


Results will always speak for themselves.


We can’t blame Hep for Friday night’s loss. He had 19 possessions after half-time. Yes, many of them seemed to be the long bomb into the forward-line type, but at least he’s trying his heart out. That’s more than can be said of some others.


I think he does stand up in games. He’s 3rd quarter in particular was very good.

The bigger issue is the complete lack of mental preparedness under his captaincy. All three years we have started the season off poorly. We are currently sitting 3-5 with 3 loses under 10 points and the consistent feature of those loses has been terrible first quarters.

St Kilda 0.2 to 2.7
Collingwood 1.0 to 4.5
Sydney 2.3 to 2.6

I totally recognise that our forward line due to injuries is a mess. But start those 3 games off properly and we would have won them. We could have been sitting 6-2 knowing that we’ve been winning ugly but when we get some forwards back we had a chance to step it up.

The season has been wasted due to being mentally unprepared each week. I think the Melbourne game was the only game we have started well.


They do and they have



And now we are finding the supporters with blind faith attacking the rest of us just because we can see the writing on the wall.


Merrett is still the man for me to be captain, despite his somewhat down ish season this year.

I still harp back to in 2016, in the last game of the year of the shittest seasons in efc history, and he was out there remonstrating with Zaka for not working hard enough and not getting into the right spots.

That’s a leader, not someone who looks like they are a bum from the carpark who seems like he’s been smoking too many bongs and just wanted to surfing.

I’ve never thought hepp was a good fit for the captaincy, and it’s not just related to this season, he is not strong enough, nor capable of actually demanding more from others, let alone leading by example.

I’m sure he’s a nice bloke off the field, someone you’d prolly want around the club, but in my life time he is the worst choice for efc captain that i’ve seen.