#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


No they don’t. Equating his captaincy with us losing is wrong. We lost a crap load of games under Hird and Lloyd but we don’t blame their captaincy for that. KM seems to hate Heppell with a passion, actually seems to hate him. After a win he says nothing, after a loss he bleats on and on and on.


I just think he’s a poor captain.


Dyson has been playing his guts out
He is ok


You are not the only one either.


The turning point for me was last year when he came out and said he wasn’t providing enough leadership for the young players.

The typical names on here defended him and said it takes leadership to admit fault and then fix it.

Well guess what, it happened again this year.

I want somebody that bleeds for this club and is prepared to demand better of himself and others. I’m not sure how match committee works but I wouldn’t mind betting that the leadership get some say in who plays and who doesn’t.

It’s time to demand more of the senior players and be prepared to run a few players up the wrong way if they aren’t committed to the cause.

Hepp is a very good player and if he could kick he would be pushing this 20 in the league but the players aren’t responding to his leadership so he needs to ask himself if he needs to be more brutal.

I would be happy if he stepped aside and gave Merrett or Smith the gig but we all know it won’t happen.

The challenge is for Heppell to lift and not just now that the season is shot but but even when we are winning.

It amazes me that we came out and said that we were believing our own preseason hype when we have absolutely no right too.


I’m not sure “is a good footballer” and “if he could kick” belong in the same sentence. He’s an average footballer for that very reason. He isn’t very good at the games most fundamental skill.


Kicking is just one skill of the game but I agree it’s an important one.

He’s still a valuable player and would get a game at every club.


That’s not what he said.


he is an average kick but a lot better than average at most other things hence why he is still a very good player.

KM is right, if his kicking was better he would be one of the top players in the league.


Why are you continually wrong?


While you are at it reads these comments from purple last year. Basically mirrors exactly what’s happening this year.



Because that was the article writer saying that. Heppell said the senior players were not setting enough of an example/standard out on the field at the time but the young players were, in Heppell’s eyes.

What McGrath said was:
“I don’t think Dyson has set a foot wrong this whole season from a leadership point of view.”


Please quote all of what McGrath said otherwise it makes you look like an idiot again.


I did just quote him so stop being an idiot yourself. You are putting in your words and the writers words what you want it to say and McGrath was saying that in his view Hepps was wrong about himself and that from a leadership position Hepps hadn’t put a foot wrong…


but to help you:
“Dyson Heppell has come into our development meetings a few times which is for first to third year players and has basically said that we’re driving the standards at the moment and it should probably be the other way around,” he told SEN’s Crunch Time.

He apologised on his behalf for not setting a good enough example in his eyes, I guess everyone’s in the same boat, I don’t think Dyson has set a foot wrong this whole season from a leadership point of view.

“We’re all there supporting him, it’s not one individuals fault over another.”

Your statement was this:

That’s NOT what McGrath or Heppell said, at all.


Paints a far clearer picture when you don’t selectively quote doesn’t it…


Yes it does, it shows you were wrong.




You’re full of ■■■■, @IceTemple is correct.


How do you figure?