#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


That screen pic with Myers will unfortunately for the both of them become an iconic visual representation of everything Essendon for a very long time.


Sad but true.


Lloyd had 1 shot after the siren to win and missed.

He was ok.


Take a look at him beaming with joy moments after the siren…


Heppell would have kicked a perfect barrel… And it would have gone about 45 metres.


Serious questions over Merrett. Moments after losing to the lowely swans, he’s seen hydrating.


How dare he drink blue Gatorade at a moment like that. Merrett owes all us supporters an apology for his hydrating ways


I’m not sure I follow the logic of pointing out others stupidity by being wilfully stupid yourselves.



I think we’re accepting mediocrity here. Dyson should’ve slapped Zach’s Gatorade bottle away and threatened his family. That’s what Sam Mitchell would have done.


Posting it once more cause I’m so outraged. Look at our captain laughing it up post loss!!

Bet you he’s laughing it up behind those hands there. ■■■■■■■ himself about that joker Myers.


He did that at the moment we lost.
I’m surprised you didn’t see it.
A lot of people have actually posted it here.

Edit: See? That’s Socratic irony.
If you’re going to do it then you still have to use…you know, facts.


That’s what Mysery and Dys we’re laughing about!


Again, no it wasn’t.
You’re actually not very good at this.


All EFC players should wear masks and be bald - Then we would have less rubbish in this thread.


I think he’s average, and to your point, his kicking isn’t his only weakness. If all our players are as good as you believe then we’d be a good side. We aren’t. Facts are facts.





lol indeed

everyone is laughing :joy:


Lets play a game. What upsets Dyson poo bin thrower more, losing a simple game to win, after the siren, or someone angrily showing passion and knocking lollies on the floor

Grrrrrrrr emotion, don’t knock my lollies chukka lukka surfy