#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Pops Kelly said in an interview that Hurley wasn’t happy with being left out of the leadership group.

Since then I have heard it again from others but didn’t really take much note because I had already heard it.

Why would you doubt it?

I would be upset also.

Edit: And for the record its not the first time you have requested me to back up what I say. Pretty tired of it to be honest.

I take what you say on face value.


Because I remember hearing a few including Pops talk about it (being questioned about it) and I remember thinking ‘right, another media trump-up’. If you do find that link, I’d like to hear/read it.


Yeah well said. Somebody had the nerve to say we should trade guys like Hurley and Hepp. I almost threw my laptop at the wall. Mind boggling stuff.


This is a Jon Ralph level backpedal right here.
From “leadership divide” to “not happy about not being voted into the leadership group”.

I’d be disappointed if any players were happy to be excluded from the leadership group, except maybe if they were 33yo and had done it for 8 years.

It’s a long way from that to “leadership divide”


I guess you want proof as well?


Signed affidavits that Hurley thinks Heppell has cooties, please.

No, your posts are proof enough. I’m sure Hurls and Hooker were miffed to be dropped out. They should be, they’re human.
That doesn’t mean there’s a divide or a rift.
That’s tabloid sensationalism, right there.


The club is obviously playing for one another.

Nothing to see here.


Apologies. It was Luke Ball not Pops Kelly.


God I miss Goddard and I reckon the club misses his drive too. So watching the video Heppell was behind the reduced leadership group to make it easier for him?

How fckn funny is it that Myers has a decent season for the first time since 2014 so they plonk him in the reduced 5 man leadership group and Daniher/Fantasia sits the entire season basically out and are moved in, whilst experienced leaders on field for 5+ years performing at top levels in Hurley and Hooker and with tackling machines in Smith, Bellchambers, Shiel and heck even Zaka are shafted.

Right now you have shakas Heppell as captain with Daniher and Fantasia struggling to get on the field with Myers struggling to play half decent football. These are your leaders.


Hurls & Hooker should be in. Do it now!(they can make up a bullshit excuse that it’s to cover injuries if they like - but they need to be officially recognised),


Heppell and Woosha “decided” on this set-up.

Good luck with that.


You know that mate who used to talk up his game about getting heaps of chicks, but after time after seeing him go home empty handed you stopped believing him?

It’s like Myers. He can talk so much but how can someone be a good leader if they don’t even believe in their ability? If they don’t have the weight of performances to back it up?

We have multple All-Australians in Hurley and Hooker not being recognised in the leadership group which is baffling. Both seem very level headed and both were “disappointed” they weren’t in it.

Personally I’d have Heppell, Zerrett, Hurley, Hooker, Smith & Shiel in the leadership group and even McGrath/Tippa as a younger understudy as he already inhabits these qualities. But instead we’ve plonked 3 out of the 5 who would be worrying more about getting on the park or their own form. God knows why we have Myers in the leadership group, let him worry about his form and apparently mangled hands.


The times i went to training i got the impression myers and hepp were best mates watching them interact, might explain why he is always getting games, leadership positions etc. Hooker is the one that irks me that he isn’t in the leadership group, he is literally the one guy that stands up in big games, has some mongrel, plays both ends for the team etc. Actually smith should also be in it. The rest i could take or leave.


I agree re Hooker. The guy puts in 110% every week, happy to play forward or back, was one of the first to re-sign in 2016 and literally locked himself in his house so he couldn’t be traded in 2012. He bleeds red and black. You will never find a more inspirational player for our young guys to look up to.


Heppell played his best game this season against the Dees and in that game he was on the inside for the majority, In his post match interview he said his body was hurting and was buggered… Now that’s all well and good footy is a tough game but his next 2 weeks he played mostly off a flank/wing rather than inside… Then played more inside on Anzac day and then mainly outside against the Cats, Played a balanced game vs the Swans.

It seems to me that his body doesn’t allow him to be an inside mid week after week like a Cripps, Cunnington, Brad Crouch or Josh kennedy and that’s a problem as he’s our best inside mid.

We need to blood Mynott and Clarke ASAP in my opinion.


Hepp doesn’t pick the team.


I didn’t like the Myers interaction at the end of the game. I’m sure he was hurting but it didn’t show. Have a look at the distress on Patrick Cripps’ face post match. It was genuine hurt and he couldn’t hide it. Looked absolutely distraught. I think us as supporters want to see that more than his teammates perhaps? I liked seeing how hurt Merrett and Smith were afterwards. Hooker was hands on head, grimacing and looking skyward, it hurt him.


And I showed you that earlier, it was a media beat up by Barrett, not the players. They were disappointed but that doesn’t extrapolate to a leadership divide. The players themselves have said they were fine and moved on, it’s the fans via certain media that keep pushing something that isn’t correct.


And Heppell did the same thing, pics are above. People are making far more of this than they should.


He’s been struggling a lot this season, his body has been battered pretty badly.