#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Hepp, and the rest of the blokes who were suspended, got shown what life outside the game looked like. All of a sudden footy isn’t the most important thing anymore. Unfortunately these days I think footy has to be the most important thing in your life (within reason) as a player.


Are you really questioning Heppell’s commitment for football? I’m surprised to hear somebody would think that about Hepp. He seems 100% dedicated to me.


Where have the players said this?


Can’t tell if you’re serious or not at this point


I’m being serious.


I see. Well in that case no, I’m not questioning his commitment to football.


Barnstorming start to the game by cap. How many games this year he’s “worked” into it


We’re worse than last week.


Zero tackles tonight. ZERO. For a midfielder in today’s game to not lay one tackle is remarkable. As captain he should be setting the example, especially in that department.


Another very good game from the captain.
Well done, Hepp. Wouldn’t have won without you.


Take it easy. 17 contested possessions is pretty impressive


played a great game yesterday. Could of easily had him as BOG.

Loved that he kicked a goal from a set shot. With our forward line struggling, we desperately need the mids to chip in with some goals.

Thought his kicking was really good yesterday too,especially considering the conditions


Was fantastic yesterday, His composure when in traffic stood out.


Just need it to be torrential rain for essendon games for the rest of the season so darc and hepp can boss midfields.


All in favour say ‘aye’


Dyson was great on the weekend. Really impressive how with a side step here and a step backwards there how much time he buys himself. Just needs to train with Parish and show him his tricks.



Meh, what would Zerrett know? Blitz always knows better. #getahaircutyabum


Nice short vid by Dys


What? Like the 2 blokes sitting next to him?!

Shocking haircuts they are.