#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Reckon he would get a game in most midfields- GWS and Collingwood included - based on heart and endeavour alone.


This guy has also been managing OP his whole career and just plays through it. He doesn’t like to talk about it but a game like last night must take it out of him.


he was limping after the game


Yep. They quizzed him about it after the game and he moved on the conversation very quickly. He’s tough as nails but it must be horrible to play through.


What was the reason for the late out?


Sore foot (I think).


Foot… sore.


Go easy on the hungover bloke. :laughing:


Must’ve been the plan all along for Hepp to miss.

Alluded after the game in the rooms when interviewed last week that he was carrying something and that no player enters a game “100%” these days.

Then Langford was “dropped” but not named in the VFL and was a late in.

Had to be the plan all along to try and throw the Swans off.


Anyone know if it’s a bad injury or not?


My friend was sitting in front of him at the VFL today and said Dyson was wearing a moonboot. Sounds like more than “foot soreness” to me.


They put moon boots on everything these days


I reckon it was a late call for Hepp to miss.

If it was the plan the whole time they wouldn’t have ‘dropped’ Langford given the furore this created.

They would have just had Guelfi as emergency and brought him in as the late inclusion if it was always going to be the case


What furore?

10-15 people ■■■■■■ off on here??


There were fox footy articles, panelists scratching their heads.

Whatelely even said on AFL 360 that he has been our best player accoridng to AFL rankings for the past 6 weeks.


More of a ruckus.


Didn’t even realise Hepp was out until i was at the game.

too preoccupied with the ‘you’re a racist’ “no im not” ■■■■ fest that was going on.


happening in here? damn i missed it.


Me too.
Darn it.


goodes thread.