#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


You were getting him confused with Maurice Rioli Jr. He is Father/Son eligible for Richmond, Fremantle (via South Fremantle games) and us via Next Generation Academy.


Looking at his highlights, he had an outrageous tackle on some player where he ended up riding over his shoulders, then over his head before falling over the front of him. Apparently without giving away the free. Obviously that’s an advantage of being in the Hawthorn academy.


won’t get away with that now


still pumped.


Yes sir!


Hope other clubs don’t start using Aerogard on their players instead of liniment.


The lucky kid has the right to choose between two of the best young and most exciting lists in the competition, tough choice imo

Hopefully, he is a mommy’s boy.




i do think this is the best post in the history of blitz


So you’re saying Cyril has landed?


a lot of people compare him to Cyril, but thats a little hyperbole, to me i see him as somewhere between Andrew Lovett and Ashley Sampi


Geez, if he’s between those two.

It’s Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.


Were you on the draft coverage? They brought up the Sampi comparison there. If he’s anywhere near Sampi on natural talent that’s a pretty positive thing. I don’t see Sampi as being particularly behind Cyril on talent. (And was exceptional on GF day in the Leo Barry GF)


That’s reaching his potential sort of call obviously.


I see his vision and I see a poor mans Cyril, which is nothing to sneeze at.

But if he has Lovett’s top-end speed and ball carrying abilty, oh boy


Yep. I remember the first game Brereton played after he left Hawthorn. He was absolutely stunned that the maggot paid a free kick against him for the sort of thing he would do a dozen times a game with Hawthorn without penalty.


Quick highlight to add to the hype


It’s only the female mozzie that bites.


I got one before that said: My husband bangs me for 4 hours.

Not impressed