#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


When he found out he was going to be a Bomber - fantastic!!


Jok jok
Who’s there?
Amos who


How can have a kid like this in our academy? That seems like a rort. We’d be crying foul if Hawthorn has him


Chris Johnson has been at Avondale Heights for years now. Does that make a difference?


Must do… :smile:

Seriously though, what are the rules for who we can put in the academy?


Looks like I won’t be there Monday after all, but there Wednesday instead. Sorry!


That’s right… just so long as they don’t finish up too soon.


Is Big Brother still going???


I used to get excited when I heard “ he barracked for Essendon as a kid” but Richard Cole ruined that forever


What’s wrong with that?


Lol. Not in practice, of course, not so much that - but it was on my 4 yo’s Ipad!!!

(And no, I haven’t used the said iPad for that particular, unstated purpose. Strictly limited to my own devices- so to speak.)


Did you not see who just drafted Blakey?


Anyone still reading the Irving thread on Hawthorn’s board at Big Footy? They’re now totally delusional. It turns out, they rejected Shiel and Irving, and are happy with what they got instead.

Yep, “they” turned down Shiel because he and a second rounder weren’t worth two first rounders. Nobody better tell them they paid a first, Burton (a first rounder) AND a second rounder for Wingard…

And Dodoro didn’t really want Irving, Hawthorn just called his bluff. Probably like GWS did on Mutch. Good thing Hawthorn hadn’t told Irving pre-draft that they’d skip if Essendon bid too early. Oh, hang on a second…

They also th8nk we need inside mids, and that we clearly don’t need small forwards since we have Raz, Walla and Smith…



oh no, hawks called out bluff on irving and we’re stuck with a player in a role we have absolutely no depth for… what a shame.


Who has that kind of time?? I mean thats 28 hours a week…


what i don’t get with all the anger from hawks (and carlton for some reason) is that this is over a late 30s pick, we didn’t snipe a top 10 talent. fmd anything from 25 outwards is generally in the air if the player makes it.


We didn’t even snipe him. We bid, they didn’t match


Probably not an enormous surprise but


Yes I did… but that doesn’t answer the question about how this can be done.
Can we just find the best 15 year olds in Victoria and put them in our academy?


Disappointment ripples through #freekickhawthorn people.
Buckenara says
“The Hawks would be very disappointed to miss out on … Irving Mosquito…I’m shocked they didn’t match the Bombers bid for Mosquito… provided one of the big shocks by allowing Essendon to secure Mosquito”

Not much more to say really.