#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Yep. Saw a post somewhere that we may have “overpaid” for a guy with pick 37…


There’s effectively regional zones where we can do that
Pretty much anyone who has a parent born OS can qualify (eg McNeice - despite his family being stalwarts in the NFL)


Ben can you tell us a little about brayden rioli and chris Johnson’s son in our academy?


Do we have to temper expectations that he could possibly secure a forward pocket and play several games?

Doing yr 12 is a big challenge for anyone.

Unless he has enough talent to not train fully so he can do the study.
But still play a role? Is it possible?




I think just give him a taste of it at Dreamtime, but don’t expect sustained football until 2020.


Think it’s because of his/their heritage.
Either multicultural or indigenous.

Can’t just go add sam Walsh to academy.

But bit of a Rort really this year as north didnt do much for Thomas, he was Tassie best as a underager last year.
At least Blakey been in swans program for lots of years. While his dad has coached there.

Maybe swans monitor under 12/14/16national selections and recruit some of their coaches based on this. Tin foil hat here :joy:


We have drafted 4 project players. Its unlikely any of them debut in 2019. If any, imo, its Ham, given Worsfold loves utility players and he is overage. Having said that I would be absolutely rapt to see Mossie show us some of his xfactor in the AFL team next year.


I agree with New Coleman
I think there will be so much excitement about Mozzie that a dreamtime game will be compelling for Woosha

  • particularly if we start the season winning!!!


Sure there will be massive excitement about Mossie, but he will be doing year 12. Thats going to be difficult. He will need to move schools, attend training in the mornings and somehow study in the afternoons. Is that even possible ?
I dont think we gift games to players. But, if he can earn his spot with great games in the VFL, its possible. Thats going to cause a buzz.


If he kicks twelve goals in three VFL games he’ll play seniors.

The competition for spots is going to be…a lot.
A lot of competition for spots.


Doubt we will gift him a game after making Francis wait, will be happily surprised if he plays at all in 19.


He’ll get a solid 2 months of pre-season from here before school starts. That will definitely help him. But it will be interesting to see how they handle him once school starts, considering the time of day our main training sessions are usually on


I’d have no problem with him waiting ‘til next year for a game.
Dangerfield did it.
That replacement for Lever at Adelaide waited as long as Francis, maybe longer?

But if he has the form he’ll get a game.


Came across this again:

I see some onfield similarities with Irving. Fingers crossed.

Lovett was a special talent.


Shame his AFL career ended they way it did. He was a pleasure to watch.

Edit; Am sure once Irving is ready to play he will be a pleasure to watch also.


Year 12 is a ■■■■■■ hard year for anyone.

Let him focus on Year 12 and playing VFL is fine in his first year. Can put a touch of muscle on as well if he likes.


So, its NOT a personal thing. Its a jumper/club thing?


Richmond will likely be a side who we will be(hopefully) competing with for a top 4 spot. We’re unlikely to pick a player in that game just to give them a taste.


Can he not do year 12 over 2 years like many others who are aspiring to play at the top of their sport?