#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito




As Hawks finished on top of Giants
I assume they would have had to use 35, to match 34, unless they did a sydney and traded it out and back in later. or if they traded back in the draft prior to the trade period if they were expecting a bid, and getting points.


A cursory glance at the draft:

Jordan Clark (Ian Hill suits them better) + Bailey Williams + Ryan Burton + Irving Mosquito


Wingard and a future 3rd


I’d be amazed if Irving plays senior football next year. Completely ok with giving him a year to develop. He looks incredibly raw (with exciting potential).




Is that like trade school or finishing school, etc?


We don’t need no education…

Playing Foward pocket for Essendon will give him all the schooling he needs…

Kicking goals and…


One of the reasons i was not keen on battle was how he responded re: school. Basically just said ‘im gonna get drafted i don’t need school’. if he said school wasn’t for him and he wanted to pursue other avenues it reckon its fine, but you can’t just blow it off ebcause you may get drafted. you have no guarantee of actually forging an afl career no matter where you get drafted.


So what’s the worst that can happen? Spend 2 years giving your all to your AFL dream earning 80+k a year, then if you get dropped, play state league for coin while you go back and do year 12, when you are perhaps more mature and ready to do well?


But way more fun.



And one where you don’t want to finish early.


That is some of the best footage! So good to see. A lot of genuine humans in that one!


Gives the role of Headmaster a whole new meaning.


And getting the strap isn’t a bad thing (not to be confused with the strap-on though)


A place where one is brought up to be a cunning linguist eh what?


Much, much better.


Based on what I’m reading I doubt we’ll see much of him next year.
Finishing school far more important for him than playing senior football.
He’ll have the best introduction to life in Melbourne and life as an Essendon footballer while he finishes year 12.
He’s a long term product for us and needs to be looked after properly.
Last thing we want is for him to be unhappy and overwhelmed in his first year!


looks bad now but its early days.

remember the omeara trade looked terrible but.

23,36,2017 first to saints for their first rounder pick 10 and 68

10 Jack Bowes
23 Ben Long (Brad Hill Compo)
36 Josh Battle
68->66->65 Pat Kerr
48 Harrison Macreadie
70 Carlton pass
2017 1st Hunter Clark (saints)
2017 2nd Traded for Harrison wig, but Andrew Macpherson drafted by Crows at that pick.

68 ( I think Melb passed- they swapped it with 66 in Lewis deal)
66 was eventually sent to blues for their second round pick. 48,66,70 to blues for GWS 2017 second rounder(34) so met afl rules as traded 2017 first and second
rounders. (Carlton didnt even use 70 I think)
GWS Second rounder (34) traded to port for Jarman impey

If Bowes and Clark became great players then Hawks might be a bit upset, but O’Meara helps them challenge now.


I reckon I stopped following at 68->66->65 Pat Kerr