#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


yep hard to follow they traded 68 for 66 as part of a deal, then traded 66 with blues which became 65 after academy selection changes to actual draft picks.
Whoever got 68 didnt use it… so i used player picked at 65 just to give it a value/name.


I think we’ll see him play a few games. Small forwards have a habit of slotting straight in. look at Willie Rioli last season.


He’s 23 now. Picked up as mature ager which is very different to Irving.

Most first year kids have restricted training loads & he will likely have even more if doing year 12.

Be interesting to see how they are able to manage this if he is to play a few games.


Particularly (knock on wood) If there is an injury to one of the ones we have now, and he has reasonable form in the 2’s


Reckon Mozzie will only play in 2019 if there are injuries or there is lack of pressure and excitement in the forward line.

Unless he is just too good to leave in VFL that is.


The Hawks aren’t challenging now. They were miles off the top sides when it mattered and they’ll be further away next year.

This year for them was very similar to our 2004 I reckon


Whoosh doesn’t do compelling. Hope to be wrong.


take the hawthorn chat to dingley, you pelicans.

this is about our man IRVING MOSQUITO.


Sounds like someone has become “Westmozziebomber”!!:thinking::wink:


I love the guy, but it’s not ridiculous to suggest Baguley’s spot is gettable.


I can see him playing a few games if there is some injuries. A guy with that talent and pace can always find a few crafty opportunities.

Although Woodgate is big on player building through the VFL so I could also see him spending the year there without much said about him.

If he lights it up in the VFL then the pressure from the fans will weigh in a bit.


Sack Woodgate


The former Leeds/Middlesbrough centre back?? Certainly had a bad spell at Real but he paid for that, 12 years ago, and more than made up for it since.


I blame Lucas Radebe, personally.


i’m not sure how the south african fast bowler got dragged in to this.


I think Woodgate’s power is diminished after that damning expose by journalists Bernstein and Woodward


This kid will be praying for Fantasia to ping a hammy.



Was it Nandoz or Lozin Must who kept writing in stupid letters to the Herald Sun, signed as various EPL players?? @Stallion was right into it


In 2018 Hawthorn had the equal oldest list in the AFL, average age of 24.6. Trading Burton and a first round pick out for Wingard and only drafting 2 kids who look like they’re a fair way off AFL level is only going to add to the problem. They’ve been good at this top up style of list management over the last decade or so (obviously) but surely it’s about to catch up with them? If i was a Hawthorn supporter I wouldn’t be optimistic.

Anyway, getting way off topic…

Has Mosquito won a Coleman yet?


I don’t know how you keep up with all that stuff HD. Does me head in.