#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Fkn love the excitement in his voice when he sees Adam Saad.


Two questions’

  1. Can Mosquito be bitten by a mosquito?
  2. If so, what happens?


It looks like a little love bite


How about combining several Bruce sayings

“He just came up and bit him with that tackle, it was like he was just buzzing around and then goes BANG! He must have thought it was DELICIOUS!”

  1. Yes


Lingy, …“Sounds like you wouldn’t mind putting the bite on that tackle yourself eh Bruce, …??”

Mmmm, . “DELICIOUS!!”


Stop soiling what is otherwise an outstanding thread


Dom, I hope to Odin that you are not a public servant.


A Mosquito, my Libido.




Are we suggesting he morphs from a small (depending on which direction the grass is growing) forward pocket into an All Australian key defender?


The grass is even more deceptive indoors.




Wouldnt surprise if he plays both JLT matches and impresses so much that he will get a spot in rd1


We can dare to dream.


After all the hype and anticipation, I just hope he doesn’t fade away and not progress to senior career/level. The expectations on the poor bloke are sky high before he even hits the training track.

On the other hand, it could be the second coming!


I have a feeling he will embrace it, a really good feeling. The support will/is be tremendous, nothing stopping him now. His smile is so infectious, I feel he will lift others in the club as well. I can’t wait to see him play.


This is where Walla’s role as a mentor will be invaluable to Mozzie.


Albie, far from it…then again, aren’t we all public servants.


I think Mozzie shows a lot of Harte, has a deadly left foot and seems a pretty fkn Kewell dude.

Bowyer Hawks! Eat that massive bag of Wilcox with that huge MacPhail at the trade table.

Too much???