#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


To be a professional at any sport you have to have a certain degree of self belief or confidence bordering on arrogance. I don’t see the whole issue with it. You’re expected to perform in front of up to 100k people and millions on tv. Only someone with a terrific sense of arrogance could do that.


Killer Mike has taken it just too far this time!!!

I call for a ban.


Remember, Tippa had to learn English when he came to Victoria. “All eyes were on him” it just means he felt self concious. Give the kid a break.


Corrigan on Moz


Only solid take away from that is he is definitely playing round one.


Fantastic listen!


Title changed :wink:


Mo55ie works better than Mo22ie.


He can’t spray or smack them…they’re family!!:flushed::wink:


When was the last time you were bitten by a mossie? (As opposed to a mozzie.)


I have definitely been bitten by mozzies a lot while in mossie environments…, does that count?


It’s the female mozzies that bite.
Which to me suggests a flawed technique.


Ain’t that the tooth!


These posts are getting



Article should read:
“How many times will Mosquito bite Hawks?”


Wondering how long it will take to see “Mozzie is out for Blood”


The Mozzie will love the blood of a Hawke


“Mozzie a fly in the ointment for Hawks”

(Does that even make sense?)


Extremely punny?