#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Yep, Whatever suits our narrative better.


So… Cyril?


Not sure about how MK had anything to do with Franga, but definitely Knights catastrophic end to his coaching reign where we piled up huge losses led to us free falling down the ladder & ensuring that Hirdy got his hands on Heppell.
So can we thank MK for our captain?


Theoretically it’s straightforward
All players chosen after him (plus Scully, who, as you say may have seen him chosen by the Dawks)

In practice, being Blitz, it will be

  • the one individual chosen later (by any club) who becomes a star; the “why didn’t we pick him” argument
  • any indigenous small forward, wing, on-ballerthe Blitzer chooses
  • any non-indigenous small forward, wing, on-baller the Blitzer chooses
  • any current & future Hawthorn player at all, provided they finish below us on the ladder for the next 5 - 10 years (the preferred outcome)


exceptional call by me and i stand by it.


If it bleeds I can bite it!


It’s obvious isn’t it?

Knights wanted Williams

Williams came with pick #24

#24 = Carlisle

Carlisle was traded to StK for pick #5

Pick #5 = Aaron Francis

Therefore, without Knights, we wouldn’t have Francis


I wouldn’t call it obvious.

You can also argue Hirdy had just as much claim to fame by playing Jake in the forward line, Jake sooking it & telling all & sundry that the club was farked & then requesting a transfer.

So by Hirdy playing JC forward, him cracking the sads & transferring to StK, thereby ensuring that we got pick number 5.


If Francis ever wanted to go to another club we could turn that Lovett trade deal into 2 x first round picks.


No deal. gotta keep Franga at the Hanga at all costs.


It is a shame we missed out on Lovett’s remaining 0 games, though.


The Mozzie and McKenna show!!:grin:


This sounds like an explanation from the father in “My big fat Greek Wedding”


Yes, isn’t it? If only he was still at Essendon when he transgressed and played those 0 games for us, it would’ve given the Herald Scum something else (beyond the obligatory Saga references) to include ad infinitum in any article about the Dons.


A sliding doors proposition, if we had’ve lived through Andrew’s dark days it’s not beyond the realms to imagine the AFL picking another club to scapegoat for what was an across the board absence of governance regarding off the shelf milkshake mixers. Though they did reveal a penchant for kicking the corpse.


lol, you for real? was always going to be us regardless.


I’m still not sure any of it’s real. Apart from the prospect of Irving playing seniors this year, I’m pretty sure that’s really not happening.


Hes doing year 12 this year. hes going to be a development player next year so if he plays senior game it will be massive.


open training session in Ocean Grove on Wednesday morning…The unique session will feature all of the club’s new recruits training with the entire squad for the very first time as the side prepares for the 2019 season.

So how did Mossie go on the track with ball in hand?


Exactly which is why I’m not allowing myself the merest mossie bite of expectation. I do fear there’ll be many a manchild having a sob about it in these parts though. I also have to admit to being a manchild and it’s taken a lot of meditation to come around to this naysayer mindset.