#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


i reckon if its round 16, 2020 after Baggers has retired, Raz is running around in the midfield, and he still hasnt played a game for us. Then we hit the panic stations


Myers when he heard ‘next to heppell’



Eh… yeah…


This kids going to be a joy to watch in the VFL


I’ve got a feeling Gown might be the guy to watch this year. He came 3rd in the league in the TAC cup goal kicking even though he played 5 games in defence. Mosquito will no doubt entertain though. Looking forward to watching them all.


Especially in the absence of Boyse, and if (if!) Daniher is playing seniors.


It feels like we are in for an exciting year, VFL and AFL.


They’d have to be genuinely playing Clarke off bench to make it work you’d think with all of:

Brown, Stewart, Clarke & Gown to fit in.

Clarke playing fwd as required in rotations and in ruck when Draper benched.

Anyway back to Moz. Will be definite reason to get down to VFL games just to see him.


When was the last time we actually had a genuine FF with marking presence in the VFL and not an oversized flanker, resting ruckman or 3rd tall type?


Smack was a genuine FF at VFL level.

Been a long time since he played ruck.


It will certainly be interesting how they balance the fwdline.

Clarke deep. Gown next to him as a marking 3rd. Brown and Stewart roaming between the arcs. With Houlahan, Ham, Moz and whomever else misses the seniors wreaking havoc at their feet would be the most likely structure imo.


That assumes zero injuries, fingers crossed but unlikely.


Look what you’ve done…


Getting really positive feedback about how he’s travelling, still a ways off, but closer than first thought. Really impressing a lot of people with how he’s taken to training and everyone loving his energy around the club.


Good news Ben, cheers.


Not sure if you have any Info Ben but do you know why Hawks passed him up?

Was it a points thing or doubts on Mozzie?


As usual Ben, as with a few of the other ‘serious’ posters, you flit in and deliver a delicious tidbit. I think he probably needs a full AFL pre-season or two before he has the tank and strength to be a regular, but by all reports he isn’t overawed or out of his depth.


My impression was that is was more a structural thing.

They’ve spent a LOT of draft picks trading for mids over the last couple of years. They went with a kpp and a marking forward instead. Matching our bid would have pushed them right to the butt end of the draft, to rummage among the leftovers, when they have pretty significant list structure issues that need to be addressed before they can get anything like a side built around Mitchell & JOM.


Yep, we rated him higher than they did too, we saw something in him that we felt was under valued. I did too, he was my first choice. Legit star potential. The feedback I’ve heard is he’s better than we thought.