#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Yep. Hawthorn needs to start filling gaps in their list. The upside of Mozzie didn’t outweigh another year of letting those gaps grow.


To celebrate our own Mozzie, here is a little tune from one of the cool alt bands from back in the '70s:

(listen to the lyrics rather than look at the graphic :wink:


Yeah the Hawks don’t have much young talent ready to go and couldn’t afford to draft a guy that’s realistically not going to play senior footy for 12-18 months. We definitely have the depth to allow us to take on development players.


Heard similar things. Once the kid puts on a bit of weight & build up his fitness base significantly he will be a jet. Reminds me of a little of Cyril & bit of Alwyn. Seriously Talanted. Has Elite written all over him.

Imagine our side once he is up to speed and we draft froggy’s giant twins?


Just want to see him dob one in the last quarter against the hawks at the G, turn to the crowd and point.


He is getting on really well with tippa, who acts as a wonderful role model.


Upon reflection the fact that injury curtailed his involvement in the U18 champs was a real bonus for us.


Loving all the buzz around Mozzie


We could do with more teens.




That’s a delightful thought… worth more than just a like.

Elite level skills and speed to burn.


Master and Protege


I was so happy we selected him… and then when hawthorn didn’t match…! So so excited to have him at Ess.


I didn’t take Walla as a trump supporter lol


From what i have heard from the club Moz is incredibly talented and has already done a number of amazing things at training.
We are taking a cautious approach with him and don’t expect him to play much or any senior footy in 2019. 2020 will be his year.


why are they being so cautious? if hes good enough he should play or at least get a taste early. When he kicks 6 goals in the VFL they will have to give him a go.


Because he’s built like a bundle of twigs and they want him to have a long career rather than get broken early by bigger bodies.


I would assume it would be extremely tricky to fit in a full time football role on top of your yr12 VCE. In my view, if you want him to be the best he can be in and after football, his education is the priority.


There would have to be provisions in place for professional athletes (same as for actors, musicians etc;) completing VCE, right? There certainly is within the higher education sector.


There is a lot of interest in Mossie playing seniors this year and the coaches know it. Yeah, year 12 is the priority no doubt but, if his VFL form warrants he could get some games. At least, that’s what Worsfold said. Reckon it comes down to how quickly he addresses deficiencies in his game. Mind you, he has poise, skill, goal sense and a thirst for tackling. I don’t think his body size/weight is the thing that will hold him back.