#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Except Francis was matched up on Gunston and got his pants pulled down - Then Hurley was moved onto Gunston.


Francis had a stinker against the Hawks. Was excellent after that match.



The smile is virtually identical.


Right yaco, you have forced me to rewatch the highlights of this game. The reason I remember it so clearly was that I was pleading, I was begging for Woosha to start Francis on Gunston (also the reason I’m not letting this one go).

1st & 2nd quarter highlights show Gunston kicking 3 on Hooker. Hurley was on Roughhead, Francis was on Schoenmakers. I also remember Gunston paddling a ball in front on him in the 3rd quarter, running around Hurley quite easily & nailing one from the HFF, which didn’t make the highlights passage.

The only goal Gunston got on Francis was in the last quarter, when Goddard over stepped the line on the kickout, the umps balled it up in the goal square, Gunston got loose of Francis in the traffic & ran into an open goal.

So thanks again for making me watch the highlights to a game we lost, I much appreciate it, but Francis was moved onto Gunston just before 3/4 time in my memory & only had one goal kicked on him after that.

Watch the highlights if you don’t believe me.


Regardless of who he played on, the Hawthorn game was easily Francis’s worst.


Back on topic.

Bring him in.


Wasn’t all bad against hawthorn.

Hit on O’Meara redeemed it


From memory he chose to bump rather than tackle, which allowed Hawthorn to keep the ball and I think they turned it into a goal.


Fck me, take it to the Francis thread.

Talk Mozzie to me


Ah Fark me… Sydney Stack and all 72kg of him is exactly 1cm taller than Irving.

Sydney is a gun. They know it. Recruiters new it. He missed a couple of training sessions due to issues, kids young, tough and abooriginal. Don’t judge him. A one size approach doesn’t work for everyone. You listening Wosha…

Tigers faced with adversity take a chance to blood a bloke who has made it into the AFL off the rookie list. A wonderful story about second chances, of believe and persistence. Good luck Stack - I wanted you to be a bomber but I wish you the best. Just not against us.

We don’t want to take a risk do we, god forbid we might actually find that missing ingredient that we need to spark our revival.

This club… head in hands shaking.




Our club is conservative, it is run by conservative people who only care about $$$$, our coach is conservative who god forbid drops some of senior players who aren’t performing or lets face it, they’ve barely performed for most of their careers

Irving might get a game but it’ll be round 21 when we’re sitting in 14 position.

When times are ■■■■ like this throw some kids in the team, they bring adrenaline, excitement and will have a crack because they are desperate to prove themselves. It also gets the fans excited, who lets face it have had nothing to cheer about so far.


1000% this.

Well said B93.

Ah 93 what a great vintage and made up of so much young fire and talent. So many young blokes backed in by the coach. Fletch himself smashing the world beating Modra as a light weigh in his 70’skg.

I’m tired of this conservative approach.
I want fire and passion and youth / mixed with the fire and passion of experience


There’s a bit to be annoyed about with this club atm.

But not selecting Mozzie on the back of restricted prep and one VFL practice match isn’t one of those things.


While i agree with your premise somewhat something a LOT of people here forget is that players get dropped for breaking team rules or not following their role.

For all we know Ridley may have broken team rules or not done a specific thing he was supposed to be doing.

Also if anyone is breaking team rules it’s more likely to be a inexperienced/young player.


If that is the reason for our bizzare (non)selection policies, then it’s time to #Changetherules


It’s a ■■■■ example. It doesn’t illustrate your point at all.


Only rule he broke was that he’s not a turnover king coming out of defence.


Send me your address, I’ll draw some stick figures and mail it out to you

My point is we’re a conservative club and very very conservative when it comes to playing youngsters and then keeping them in the side