22 Jul 17 - Bombers v Roos in the Fark Cancer Clash- 3 from 3 in July, feeling good

Great to see a sea of red and black off to the footy

Jobe warms up before the game

The Bombers speed is evident as they run on to the field

Laverde gets lift off

The lads come up the run with kids from the Challenge charity group, for kids with cancer.

Dois shows off the yellow arm band and Challenge logo on the Clash for Cancer themed guernseys.

The start of the game was really just a blur

Walla with an early Bombers goal

Belly had his hands full with Majak jumping all over him, but still managed to beat him across the four quarters.

Majak still has a touch of “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” about him. Bris Scott was not happy and told him so on the phone.

McDonald gets fist to ball to stop Walla from marking.

Sideshow Ben was too big and strong for our defenders today. That he is sitting second on the Coleman with Big Joey indicates his ability to play. We won’t be the last team he kicks a bag on. Just need Ambrose back to control him.

Zaka collides mid-air with Clarke going for the mark.

LAV had an early shot on goal but couldn’t convert. He will be better for the run and getting up to match speed.

Darcy just gets to the contest to spoil Higgins mark.

Colyer provided zip up and down the wing.

Belly was strong in the air when it was needed.

Like most of our forward entries they missed the player

Kelly was solid, but not at the level of the past few weeks, much like the rest of the team.

Fanta had his kicking boot back on. Four goals is a great return.

Joey and Thompson have a cuddle

Dois with two goals for the day.

Walla uses his Tiwi Ninja skills to block McDonalds punches.

Jobe uses his strength to break through the tackle and kick the ball forward from a stoppage

Big Jim kicks a goal

Walla adds another

Razzle uses his Matrix-style levitation skills to take the mark

Big Joey hoofs it long

Then runs downfield to take it at the highest point.

Hooksy on the burst, man bun flapping.

Zach knocks the ball forward

Zaka kicks a goal

BJ spoilt by Swallow, said no bloke ever.

Walla with another goal.

Hooksy lets Dylan’s big bro feel the love

Pops delivers

Jobe looks for options

Shapes to kick on the left

Fanta goals

Was that a high fend of?

However the umps know You Don’t Mess With the Zurhaar and so no free kick

Dois loike

Walla gets the run down on Dylan’s big bro

Big Joey takes the mark

Mr Football with the handpass

McGrath uses his speed and jump to spoil the contest


Chrad Scott spent all of the 3/4 huddle with this facial expression

It’s true, I tell you.

Woosha urged his players on

With extra urging

Jobe and Zach call players off so they can get back into the fray

Big Joey looks for a target inside 50

Debutante Larkey epitomised the Roos all day, so close and yet no cigar. Zero touches.

Marty tried to bend his elbow in the opposite direction.

Hooksy goals

And tells

Neilsen all about it


And again and again to get four in the last quarter.

Still dishing them out to the outside runners

He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

McGrath’s fan club are almost as young as him

Mullet mulls on his missing mullet

McGrath commiserates with the first year draftees from the Roos, who ask him what it is like to be in a real club.

Zaka and Darcy enjoy the win

Smiley Raz

Dois gives the fans some loving

Woosha gets in on the act.

Ditto Razzle Dazzle

Hooksy gives fans the high five, one for each of his goals.

It felt ugly and a bit dirty,

But we’ll take it and move on to next week, still in the race.

Zaka congratulates Hooksy on the four big goals in the last to seal the game.

See the Bombers fly up, up


Yeah, fark cancer.

Thanks Warlock Paul.

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Thanks WP. Brilliant on all fronts.

:grin: pay that, WP

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Great photos offering a different perspective

I love it when we get really partisan crowds against traveling interstate teams