#22 Matthew Leuenberger


I agree with ivan.. 4 fit ruckmen is a big stretch. Ruck has been such a big problem for so long and yet we don't seem to address it.

We spent last year sweating on burger every week.. and when is the last time tbell got through a season?!!

Smack was one foot out the door and Draper was a long shot gamble..

We needed another ruck option BADLY and yet there appears to be no effort to do so.


Interesting that Dodoro said if there was in draft trading we would have gone after English at the dogs pick.

I think we have tried to go for ruckman for a the last couple, just have not had the opportunity.

Hopefully it was more precautionary, felt something so iced him straight away. Either way it will be R2-3 at the earliest.


It is true that we were very interested in Tim English.

I spoke to an Essendon recruiter a month after the draft who said that we were indeed trying to trade pick 1 for two highish selections, mainly involving the Gold Coast but we tried all sorts of scenarios but clearly history says nothing eventuated.

I asked him who you would have gone for and he said most likely Ainsworth and English.

Would you trade the number 1 pick? Jackets wouldn't

Anyone would think that we have had draft sanctions lately.


Sorry but blaming sanctions is weak... We could have gone after Nankervis/Vickery or any number of solid options but didn't. Sanctions hurt but that isn't the reason we have zero ruck depth.


say it aint so.



cool your jets grandpa.


laugh away.. but Vickery is more solid in the ruck than Ambrose.. and putting JD in the ruck risks his health and takes away our biggest forward threat.

So I'm not exactly a Vickery fan but when considering our options and our list structure.. I was very worried about our ruck and it has come to pass. What's worse is that we have seen this horror film before.. many many many times.. and each time is just as scary as the last.


Don't forget the Hawks are paying him half a million dollars a year.


Leuey played 20 games last year. Seemed pretty reliable.

TBC had an entire year to get his body right.

McKernan is a good back-up when all goes to ■■■■... eg: now.

Draper is a very good future prospect.

Just how many ruckman do you blokes think we can carry on the list?


Vickery is an out and out spud with 1 good game in him every 2 years.


And that one good game is going to come in Round 1


Lol. What's going on with Disco's eyes?


I think people are forgetting Vickery has a 20 minute tank and then he is cooked.

Will no doubt start on fire, kick two in the first and play some good taps. Then he might as well go out with the vest on because you won't see him after that.

All we have to do is get Smack to play on McAvoy, and then when Vickery goes into the ruck put Ambrose in there and tell him to run him raggered, just take him on endless 200s for 5 mins and he will be gone.


News reporting that he will miss at least a month and saying it has been confirmed - no idea by who?

However if that is true means it is worse than your standard 21 day hamstring.


He will miss four weeks, not four games.


Probably a standard grade 1 hamstring but when it happens to someone with a history of hamstring strains they generally add a further week or two.

I know Looney had mainly knee issues at brisbane but I'm pretty sure he pulled a few strings as well from memory.

The Hawthorn game is 13 days post injury.
The Brisbane game is 20 days post injury
The Carlton game is 28 days post injury
The Adelaide game is 34 days post injury

Hopefully he is back for round 3, but I reckon given his importance to the team and his injury track record that we will see him return for the Adelaide Crows game, all things being equal .


Well if u had to lose him this is about the best time to do it. He got a full preseason in and we get 2 weeks recovery 'free'. Hawks was always less than 50/50 anyway and we should still have enough class to beat fc and lions. Hopefully he is back in round 4 and the season is still well and truly alive.


I would argue that the best time to do it would be when our other actual ruckman is not injured.


Frankly until we put up for good quarters of footy, in a row, in a single game, we shouldn't feel confident against anyone. Lions did actually win a game this preseason and managed to hang on and not let the opposition run over the top of them. Meanwhile we gave up healthy leads 3 games in a row

Fark Carlton you can just never take for granted.