#22 Matthew Leuenberger


Eleven. Eleven ruckmen can be carried on a list.


Why would he come to us? At Richmond he was close to a certainty to get a game. With us he would be behind Belly and Leuy when fit. So again - why would he come to us?

Same question as above - why on earth would Vickery choose us over Hawthorn? And in the unlikely event that he did, you can be certain Stewart wouldn't have chosen us. I'm not sure I'd swap Vickery on $500k for Stewart.


Round 3 return according to crow




Looked to ping it pretty good so probably a pretty good result all things considered.


It will be interesting if the unlikely scenario of Belly coming back R2 and plays well.

Or if Smack goes out and played like he did for the first three rounds.


Looney had a very serious achilles problem at Brisbane, and some slight achilles soreness in the 2016 preseason iirc. We rested him immediately and thankfully he has had no recurrence.
Potentially achilles remains the worst known recurring issue for him. So we got off lightly with the hammy, and that is bad enough under the circumstances.


Looney is the most important player on our list currently. Everyone else can be covered but we are very light on for ruckmen. His contribution for the year will have a great influence on how our year will go!


Always glad when Leuy gets through the game unscathed, good return in poor conditions coming back from injury.


Is an incredibly uncoordinated human being


Other than tap work, ... has seemed a little befuddled.


We're a better side with mckernan in it. He offers more than luenberger imo. Grundy is gonna give luey a bath around the ground, smack is a far better option in my book


Must be the first player in history to give away a free whilst partially being in a headlock.


We are in a tough spot with our rucks list wise atm.
Not sure how we go about finding the answer.
We've given Draper a go so let's so how he develops over time but the rest are honest toilers at best.


... while clearly playing in front.



Don't think I've ever seen a player have more fresh air kicks without being tackled


I am pleased his thread has been bumped. We need to talk about him and broadly speaking our ruck situation.

It's a bit ■■■■.


He's literally useless apart from tapping it. When was the last time he took a big clunk in the forward half, or at all, or kicked a goal?


Is he even that great at taps atm though?

That's my question


gets the ball, doesn't do the quick easy dish off like most rucks do, tries to do more, panicks quick kick forward to the other team's defender. rinse and repeat. Hopefully belcho can do something.