#22 Matthew Leuenberger


Looney Boots?

TBF though, most of the airball attempts have been in clustered situations, . and the advent of "Getting a hand in" to touch the ball and just disrupt it has come on strong over the past 12 months, and a lot of those misses were the result of someone doing just that.


His kicking and handball skills have been hideous in the last 2 weeks. His tap work is good but that is not enough. Hopefully things turn around skills wise soon.


Grundy one of their best today. Will be like a 19th man out there if Leuy plays. Mckernan for mine.


I was willing to forgive the fresh air attempted kicks last week because of the weather, but there was no excuse last night.
He is a senior player and that kick miss kick lead directly to a goal. That's not what a 10yr player should be bringing to the table.
I was bemused that he was talked up after last weeks game. Some of his actions last night were that of a stupid footballer.
Is Bellchambers better - I don't know. He was frustrating at the best of times and is now 12months off competitive football.
McKernan is undersized and is at best a pinch hitter. His inability to stand in the way of Martin in the 3rd qtr of the Lions game is his biggest downfall.
Is Daniher the best option we have as a 2nd ruck potion?
We need a ruckman who will give a physical presence around the footy.

We need one of these guys to find form and in a hurry, because if we cannot get more competitive around the stoppages and at the contest we will finish bottom 4.


He’s always been an unco, but his contribution at stoppages at ground level was usually surprisingly decent. If he doesn’t have that, and we know he adds little around the ground or up forward, we’re going to struggle.


Adams,Treloar were on the market but Essendon sat there twiddling their thumbs.


What sane person approaching the prime of their career would have wanted to come to us in the last 3 years???


He's not winning hitouts to advantage, not doing anything useful across the ground and is shanking/missing easy disposals and hurting us with turnovers. Ruckman aren't immune to getting dropped so Smack/Belly are in line.


Gee we could've had Taylor Adams!!! Wowee what a player.
We need guys who can run and kick as well.


Luenburger is completely useless. Does nothing around the ground and can't go forward and kick a goal. He wins hitouts but what's the point when most don't go to advantage and the other team wins the clearances. Rather have Mckernan as can have an impact around the ground and can go forward.


My kingdom for an ignore button....


Lueuy > Smack every day of the week.
And absolute madness for people wanting TBC in the side over him also


too true, bring in drape-dog.

give collingwood some big cox action back.


What about Luenberger? he had a choice between Essendon and Sydney and he picked us.


knew he'd get game time, also our facilities are good for someone with a broken body.


That's true.

No more excuses all the bs of the last 4 years is gone now if there is a gun mid available on the market we must target them.


Htf can't there be one??


Where the ■■■■ has it gone? It's not worth being here without one.


I think people are forgetting the TBell conversations prior to and after his last run at it.

Plenty of talk he offers more around the ground and up forward than just a tap ruckman. He then proceeded to come in and run out of gas after the second quarter and drop every mark that came his way.

Our rucks are only sevicable at the moment. Looneyburger is the best of an average bunch.


From memory, there was a comment "he waltzed around like a farkin ballarina..."