#22 Matthew Leuenberger


Leuenberger seems to actually hate having the ball in his hands, dishes it off as soon as he can with complete disregard for his team mates.

Is he a better tap ruckman than Bellchambers?


Bellcho was making school children of VFL players so will be interesting what happens this week.


he'd do so much good work to get front of the ruck contest and hands to it, and then do nothing with the ball, more often than not seemed to palm to down to collingwood players. when he should've just thumped the ball to our goal.


Thought he was decent today, never going to be a ruckman that gets a ton of stats but loved his effort and endeavour. Love that he is willing to get on the bottom of packs and fight for it and was one of our best tacklers today. Won us a lot of stoppages due to his pressure acts. Had the better of Grundy today who would probably be the AA ruck if it was done ATM


Thought he was really good yesterday. Grundy is a very solid ruckman and without seeing any stats feel he had the better of him most of the day. Belly obviously banging down the door in the VFL from a forward point of view but a straight swap would be harsh on Luey.



Grundy has been very dominant the last few weeks, one of the form ruckmen of the league. To curb his influence and break even with him was an underrated part of our win.


He's a good cover for when Joey has to play forward.


Wet day and 11 of our guys had 2 or less tackles, big Looney had 6!
Only 1 behind Tippa for the most Essendon tackles. He can look unco at times but I can never question his endeavour or will to win. To come out on top of Grundy is pretty darn good


Going into the game many people, myself included would have marked down Grundy as one area where the Pies had an edge over us. He has been in ripping form and was touted on here recently as the best young ruck in the league. Leuny handled him well, and eclipsed him on the day.

I would still rest him for this week. Why? Short turn around, wet ground, his injury history. TBC has been tearing it up ih the VFL recently, strike while he is in red hot form and the Dees ruck division is depleted. If not this week, the week after as he mentioned that when he was at Bris all the flying didn't help his hammies.


You'd like to see more involvement around the ground but his efforts in his primary role are pretty good. Seems to run reasonably hard defensively which is good. Get 20 goals out of him for the year and you'd be well pleased.



We'd be lucky to get 5


20 is achievable.


But is it realistic?


He's 0.0 for the year and only kicked 30 goals in his career.


He did play most of his career at Brisbane and I'm an optimist.


20 goals? No chance!

He was really good yesterday IMO. Not the stats, but at the ground it was obvious he was cracking in. Scragging, diving, tackling, throwing his body around. All the things that don't show up as stats or on the TV. But saying that, the 5 day break may mean Bell in for him, and it makes sense.

It will be interesting to see who Melbourne goes with as their ruck option, but I wouldn't play both of ours and run the risk of being too tall and not mobile enough.


20 goals would be possible if he played forward or rested forward. But he rests on the bench from what I can gather.


Has he taken a contested mark?

I'd happily swap the goals for a get out kick in option.


1x goal a game is not too much to ask from a follower.


It is when the coaching orders would be for him to stay out of those areas. Think he only had 1 touch inside either F50 or D50 which tells me he is under clear instruction to clear out of the F50 and give the forwards space. I wouldn't mind seeing him take a few more relieving marks in the back half but I'm happy if he stays out of the forward line.