#22 Sam Durham - thru to 2028!


You’re probably correct. My exposure to the 2nd half of the season was pretty limited whilst being in outback NT and QLD.

I’m very thankful for that too just quietly.

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The half back line is the interesting watch for me re Durham.

We have McGrath as an obvious “small” defender . Beyond that we have an aging Heppell and Kelly, and then a swag of talls. There’s still Hind , but Massimo and Lord have departed. Won’t be at all surprised if Sammy trains the preseason as a half back if Duursma is intended for a wing.


Agree, Duzz has good skills to be on the HBF.

Quick enough, good in the air and can stick a tackle. Brave too…

Interesting to see where Brad sees him.


I wonder whether Durham has the playmaking skills to be a HBF though. He has good foot skills and impressive athleticism, but does he have the IQ to beat his man and then get the ball 20 times launching attacks? Much would depend on Brad’s ball movement system to make it easier for players such as him IMO.


Even his shirt has muscles.


Tiges privately seething even more now.


How does Duursma’s tank compare with Duz’s?

Looks like he ate Tom Hawkins


and Snelling …….he definitely got the memo from Brad Scott

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As much as I am impressed by bulging biceps, what is more interesting to me is that a number of the photo’s have shown the squad to be very ripped.


What’s that Steven Dank bloke up to these days?

I didn’t like what i heard from Scott about duursma playing wing and Durham moving the other day. I really rate Durham in the wing role and he will only get better each year. He wouldn’t be as effective on a flank imo.


I would love all 3 playing that wing role rotating off the bench and really running the opposition into the ground.


that seems to be the plan. it would be a waste if all 3 of those guys werent in the best 22. i would think Duzz and Martin will help out at half back at points. Duursma at half forward. it would be great for our flexibility as a team when things arent working during games. Would also explain Martins sudden role change last season as well.


Looks a bit like a young Schwarzenegger.


He didn’t say he’d move him.
He mentioned he’s looking forward to the flexibility Durham and Martin can provide.
Which to me is a good thing. They could cycle Xavier, Martin and Durham through the wings and half forward. That means no more Hep off a wing (he was there a few times), hopefully no more Kelly, no more Guelfi and obviously no more Snelling.

I think we need one more wing developing, but that can probably be held back to next year.


With Perkins, Langford and Stringer all likely to be in our forward rotation as well as Wright and a second ruck, I don’t know that we should play Durham or Duursma fwd too often. I would rather their flexibility is used in the back half. Especially Durham.

McGrath McKay Reid
Redman Ridley Durham

7th def can be any one of Baldwin, Cox, Hind or Hepp depending on how tall or how mobile you wish to be.

It all depends on fitness and availability though. The great thing about having a deeper squad and with guys who are capable of playing multiple roles is that we are now in a stronger position to cover for injuries.


What I hear is that there may be some rotation between wing and the “forward flank”. But the high half forward role and wing blur a bit. Duursma, Duz and Martin have the tank to play those roles.

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