#22 Sam Durham - thru to 2028!

He is playing like a No1 pick.

The talent we have in Durham and Martin is unfathomable.

It was easy to see with Martin…I honestly thought Durham was just a battler and overrated. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The most wrong I have ever been about a Bomber since I argued to my Dad that Andrew Ukovic was just as good as Sean Wellman :joy:


It was in the 3rd but, in any event, was one of the most delightful things I’ve seen on the football field. He also weighted a perfect pass for just about 2MP’s only mark for the day.


Lol, that was quite a hot take


I was hoping he would have a good year pre-season. But when he caught a genuinely shocked Holmes in full flight, from Geelong, I thought to myself he has serious wheels. The future looks good.

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Sam Durhams rise this year been similar to the sex god (Peverill) in 2001.
both came from rookie list and shut down the oppositions best mids.

wonder if 2001 would have had a different ending had he been playing.

In Durhams case i won’t be surprised if the taggers start coming to him before the year is out.

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Wait til the C7 commentary team picks up on his basketball background

What I noticed vs the GWS was after half time I think they started paying Sam more attention at stoppage and almost were tagging him. I’m sure other teams will start working on ways to curb his influence at stoppages and that will be the next thing the coaches will need to help him with.

The great thing about our midfield is that if they do then we have Caldwell, Merrett and Parish who can all step up. Our midfield is starting to cause the opposition some proper headaches!


Honestly not worried about a tag for any of our midfield because we don’t rely on any one player.

Zachy is probably the most critical if you are gonna tag, but the last few years he has just shown he goes forward and has an impact there so couldn’t give a rats toss bag on whether any of our players are tagged. I think it’s meaningless with our depth and even contribution of our midfield group.

Martin is the one I’d tag.


I absolutely love this bloke. Does anyone notice how god damn slick he is from bursting from the stoppages. He has a penetrating kick and it is pretty slick 70% of the time. Definitely Dangerfieldesque, but more defensive upside. My lord I’m excited for the next 5-7 years of growth on this young man. My fellow Dons army, we have a lot to be excited for in the first time in the first time in a while (Durham, Archie, Caldwell absolute motorheads in the guts. Get the ■■■■ around us. I love this club again.


The thought of a midfield with Durham, Perkins, Caldwell (and Harley Reid) is distinctly the opposite of the type of midfield we have had over the past 15 years.

Hard, fast, skillful, defensive, big, confident

Didn’t even include Merrett, Parish, Martin, Hobbs, or Tsatas

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we’d probably need a midfield like that to beat midfields like the swans’ consistently over the next 4-8 years.

Durham vs Warner
Caldwell vs Gulden
Perkins vs Rowbottom
Tsatas vs Campbell
Hobbs vs Jordan

Merrett vs Heeney
Parish vs Mills
Shiel vs Adams

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Headlines right
photo of Duzza, tick

but for some reason the articles about Scott.


I don’t really see the comparison.
Peverill was picked as a mature age player, and performed at his best from day dot. And as good as he was, he was a tagger with nothing much more to his game.

Durham, is not a tagger. He’s going head to head with some of the games best mids, and the defensive side of his game is shining through. But he is not playing a hard tag and there are so many more levels he’s got left in him.

Give him 1 more season, another 5-10 possies per game, he’ll be polling very well in the brownlow


Durham is a better short pass than Dangermouse ever was.

Was Durham injured today? Saw him on the bench and he’s listed as OUT in the AFL app though I suspect we did this as a precaution given the game was sewn up?

None of them seemingly serious but was enough to keep him out.

Xerri got him a good one. Was worried about concussion at one stage. Light week on the track and hopefully he’s right for Saturday night.

I noticed he looked to hurt his shoulder in the warm up, then he got crunched by Xerri late in the game. Probably took him off as a precaution.