#23 David Myers


I think it was a more of “We will give him 3 years so we can keep him happy” deal


It was to keep him when other clubs were trying to get him. St Kilda and WC, who likely had 3yr deals on table as well.

Obviously we were worried Jobe wouldn’t come back also.


He was for mediocre before he came back too.


Very very poor list management if that was the case to match other teams offers for him. He’s simply not worth 3 years. Zaka should’ve got a 6 yr deal if he got 3


If it was to scare off other clubs then dodoro should have been sacked there and then. He was injury prone, had effectively 2 years out of the game and we offered him 3 years??? Must have only done it for PR purposes


I was hoping today might be the David Myers break out game.



Genuine question.

what gave you that indication?


Something about dread, or something.


Supporters wanted the banned players back. Now your all ■■■■■■■■ about it.


Yeah look fair play.

but were you serious? myers has been a panic merchant his entire career.


At what cost though? If someone offered Howlett 3 years should we have matched it? I wanted whats best for club, if that meant letting some players go so be it. Either way you look at it 3 years was too much for this player


I was not serious.


Ahh, sorry. hard to tell with the current climate.


Ah no, that was the club. Many of us thought Hocking & Howlett were finished before the start of the year & I’ve never ever rated Myers as anything but a bog ordinary half back who only got midfield time because we have the worst midfield group ever assembled.


I’d say it was split with a minority wanting them gone and the majority wanted the romanticism.


He has never been or never will be a HBF. He is deadset aweful at HB.


I know, but the reality is we drafted him as a HBF. This is where he was playing for WA because he wasn’t good enough to get much midfield time. Its also why we spent the 1st few years of his career playing him there. We wanted a rebounding defender & Dodoro drafted Myers with that role in mind. I think they identified guys like Enright & Jason Gram as tall running defenders & thought Myers fit the bill.


He did the same with Hibbred. Guess that worked out ok.


Nothing wrong with drafting a HBF to play HBF & for whats its worth we desperately need to replace Hibbo but to spend a 1st round pick on 1 when we had a shyte midfield was always IMHO a wrong move. This is why I was against drafting Myers from the start.


He can’t pick the ball io below his knees, he makes Scott Lucas look duel footed and he has the reaction time of a corpse.
People say he’s a future captain; if he’s in the team in future he’s either done the biggest 180 in terms of ability in sporting history or we’re properly faaaaaaarked