#23 David Myers


he can’t handball it unless the ball is seated perfectly in his hand.


Cooked, as simple as that, there is no coming good for him.

This game was where we needed him to stand up.

Needs to go.


Pay out the contract and move on and fire whatever moron gave him a 3 year deal.

Its bad enough that we did the deal but wtf was he doing even selected for this game? You can’t really be surprised he spudded it up… has been ■■■■■ all year… how he kept getting a game is for the coach to know.

Useless, only positive was that he didn’t get the ball enough to butcher it and had his highest disposal efficiency for the season… yay.


I’ve been standing by Myers…but…he’s given me very little this year to argue his case with.

Too few clearances, and of too low quality. Not much to separate him from Bird or Howlett really.

Looking ahead, I have to demote him in my best 22 selection process. Langford has leapfrogged him in terms of my preferences. Langford may not yet have the physicality, but a Langford clearance can occasionally measure up to a much higher standard. A Langford clearance can actually hit a teammate in a deliberate and uncontested manner. And there is still plenty of time for Langford to experience new onfield situations and grow.


Has there been a more “nothing” year from a player in recent memory? Crikey moses.


Agree. I expect Langford to line up in the midfield come round 1. Generational change is needed.


I don’t think Myers’ 2017 season has been materially better or worse than any of his other seasons? He had a few good weeks/months of form here and there in 2013-2014 if my memory serves, but he’s basically been a ‘nothing’ player for the vast majority of his career.


Agreed. But there is a silver lining about us drafting Myers.

Unfortunately the silver lining was not for us but for Cyril.


Been injured for most of his career.

First game against Sydney 2015 he did something major to his shoulder and we didn’t see him again in the senior team until this year.


He’s played 100 AFL games, the vast majority of which have been bog ordinary. He has and has always had a number of severe limitations that render him mostly ineffective at AFL level, specifically his lack of pace, very limited right foot, and slowness of decision-making.

His 2017 is a neat encapsulation of his career - 4 dominant VFL performances in which he averaged 32 touches a game, but consistently limited impact in the AFL team. That’s not a coincidence, it’s not unique to Myers, and it’s nothing to do with injury - he’s just one of those many players who are probably too good for VFL, but can’t quite cut it in the AFL due to inherent and major limitations.


With Begley.
And Mutch.


Just another player whose character has him playing more games tjan his form warrants


He did win our “best defensive” player award in 2014. Whatever that means.


I’d give him one more season, on the hope he gets a full pre-season and some continuity of football sees an improvement.

But come end of 2018, if he still middle of the road then it might be time to stamp his papers.




Jackson Merrett’s year, Jettas last year, Bird’s year. Having a player on the list who we have already decided won’t be playing has to be the definition of a nothing year.


We’ve been saying exactly this every year for the past 6 years.


I didn’t really mean it like that - plenty of players are done for in their last years like Jackson and Leroy. Myers still has two years on his contract, played the majority (??) of games this year, did virtually nothing and made absolutely 0 progress and almost seemed to regress to the point whereby you could make the most accurate AI of all time in AFL Live 2017 by inserting a four-line algorithm into his character (see ball - get ball - turn onto left foot - inaccurate rainmaker hoof - repeat).


Can anyone please explain to me why he got the amount of games he did this year?



I think most fans are asking the same question however.