#23 David Myers


Yep. Unless every player was given an extra year as part of the Saga fallout/compo/lawsuit thingy.


WC are losing Priddis and Mitchell, whatever we can get for our contracted inside mid future captain left hoof WA boy we should try to.

And perhaps we been playing him in seniors more than Langford/others because if there was any currency at all to be gained from a trade it had to be with him getting senior game time.


I liked the passage of play where he hoofed the clearance forward…made his way to the next stoppage in our forward line, kicked the goal
2 clearances bang goal
Was great
I like Dave


IF…IF… this works out that way. I’ll owe Worsfold and the selection team an apology.


Seriously you’d be lucky to get a 4th for Myers


I think Myers value is well beyond what I can see. I was blown away when he won the defensive player of the year back in 2014 and I guess he just does work in the middle that is difficult for fans to understand.
I think his defensive work is blocking and protecting for his teammates. I don’t believe he does any type of run with roles.
On face value, I would say he didn’t have a great year. Turns the ball over and doesn’t get a hell of a lot of it. But, having said that, I’m sure I’m missing something because he’s rated so highly at the club.


Apparently Melbourne (Goodwin) were into him… and Saints too…

I reckon you could approach either team with a trade option… swap of first rounders (ie a few places upgrades) and a second rounder… just see if we could get a fool to jump.

Would be nice to go into the draft with a top 10 pick and 2 mid second rounders… could fill some holes in the list and get rid of this dud.


You’re not missing anything. If he was highly rated internally i’d expect that to be reflected in his best and fairest votes - his supposed stand-out seasons were 2013-2014, and he didn’t poll top 10 in either. And it’s hardly as though the top 10 in both years was chock full of superstars - guys like Baguley, Melksham and Hocking were polling top 10.


You’re right and wrong IMO, he was pretty handy in 2014, and crap this year.


I’d like to know why Myers was preferred to Bird in selection this year, when Bird is a better inside midfielder.

Apparently, Myers is a great Clubman and extremely popular; rumour has it that Bird is not very well liked. But even if that’s the case, is it sufficient reason for Myers’ selection, given his abysmal performances this year ?

As for Myers’ three-year contract: maybe that’s a good way to reward a great guy and fine clubman, whose career has been blighted by a string of serious injuries, not to mention the “Club Scandal” — I can’t really comment on that. All I’ll say is, a great guy and a top Clubman is just what is needed, mentoring the young blokes in the VFL team.


No they won’t. That would be idiotic.

You don’t delist contracted players lightly and we won’t delist Myers before his contract is up. no chance.

It would be idiotic.

What’s done is done with that contract…

If a trade could be done that would be a bonus.


He will come good. Missed a lot of footy and had an interrupted pre-season.


Bird is not an upgrade on Myers imo. Bird seems to be reaching mythological status based on nothing really.


Bird offered more in 2 games than Myers has all season


Disagree completely, they offered the same: no impact.


Bird had an impact when he played- especially the first game. He earned his 2 games through good form. Myers was gifted games all season. Myers probably had 2 good games for the season in the 1’s


We will just have to disagree, Bird was underwhelming imo.


Bird would have had more impact than Myers 12 possession game in the elimination final.


Hmm, its probably easy to forget Bird did’t even get to play 2 games in a row to get a remotely fair crack at it but have a look at what both gave 1st up. Myers came into the side had 13 disposals zero clearances & zero tackles - that earned him a game the following week. Bird on the other hand in his 1st game for the year had 18 disposals, 3 clearances & 4 tackles but that equalled instant omission. He came back in 5 weeks later 23 disposals, 3 clearances & 4 tackles but still not good enough for another game. If Bird had had even 1 fair chance to cement a spot we could compare the 2 instead its pretty obvious Myers was preferred even if form did not warrant.


Bird was very good in the game he played against the saints. His first for the year. His other game was no good