#23 David Myers


Bird is too slow and can’t spread from the contest to pressure and has no attacking weapons with his disposal. That’s why he wasn’t playing over Myers IMO, not that he is much of an upgrade but even so.

Only got call up when Jobe wasn’t in. As couldn’t play two of same treacle slow/clearance only type in side. No team is doing so.

Moving fwd don’t want Myers or Bird in the team.


And myers can?

bird offers genuine finals experience, something our club has almost nothing of, and most of the players that do have only been done in by an average of what? 70 points?


He will just spend a lot of time in the two’s if he plays the same way.


Very ordinary year by Myers.
Move him on imo.


Myers does? Kicking it 10m longer straight to the opposition isn’t actually a weapon. Having shots from outside 50 & getting what was it 1 for the year is not actually a weapon. What we needed for most of the year was some defensive pressure in the midfield & a guy who could physically do what Jobe used to do. Myers was not doing that, Bird did it when Jobe was out but it was poor planning to believe we didn’t need it from Jobe & another mid. I’d have no issue if we were sacrificing inside grunt for some outside pace & class but Myers provided nothing inside outside or in between. His hands in close are horrible, he has zero acceleration from stoppages, he cannot mark anywhere near as well as a bloke his size should & he was unable to quell the influence of any opposition mids that I can recall. There’s simply no evidence to suggest playing Myers over Bird was a nett gain. What we also know is that Bird has played finals including grand finals, to simply ignoring that experience, given our performance, seems perplexing. Bird has been a good player in a good team, finishing 9th B&F in a premiership year, Myers has never finished top 10 in a team that hasn’t won a final.


That’s the kind of logic that has set us back imo. He’ll be 29 next year and at best has been an ok player throughout his career. Whether it be saga or injuries he’s be an ok/solid player his whole career. I don’t see how as he enters his afl twilight years that he’ll all of a sudden after 10 years to come good.


Myers is a C grade player who, largely due to injuries, has averaged D grade performances over the course of a decade.


Myers is a huge liability as he doesn’t chase and when he does he can’t stay with his man, so many easy forward entries and goals were directly because myers is useless the moment the ball is more than a metre away from him



Great use of a #1 draft pick. If he wasn’t drafted so highly would he still be here?


I don’t no, his leadership qualities are quite enchanting


Its fair to say that not only high draft picks have been held onto for far longer than they should have. Henneman was on our list for 7 seasons for a career high of 13 disposals :tired_face:


Look we think he has a great constitution and will be a leader of this footy club one day


Why are people arguing about Myers v Bird? Neither are going to be in the team in 2 years!


He comes from good stock. We did our due diligence so we were really pleased to get him.


You’re way off JBomber!!!

He kicked 3 for the year :slight_smile:


I only remember 1 of his many attempts from 60 out actually being a goal. It reminded me of Anthony Rocca, he once kicked a really big torp from 60+ against us. I reckon he tried it dozens of times more for few positive results but the 1 time it worked was long remembered & expected.


we gave his 3 years… oh dear

Let’s just hope he has a ripping pre-season (history tells us he will break down at some point though) - works on his weaknesses and uses his frame better next year


deleted as not really appropriate or on topic, Mr Barnz. I don’t think we need that discussion.


Myersy’s 2018 profile pic. Just screams LID OFF!!