#23 David Myers


I like myers and think he will be a lot better in 2018. He played his best footy when jobe was out of the side. That said, he hasn’t become the player we all hoped he would become. What baffles me is why he was drafted so highly. It wasn’t just us that rated him. What was the big attraction? Surely his inabaility to kick on his right, slow pace,and poor overhead for his size can’t have been unnoticed by recruiters




Why was Cale Morton drafted at pick 4, Jack Watts at pick 1, Tambling at pick 3 over Franklin at pick 4, why did Zerret slide to pick 26? How did Raz and Hooker both slide to picks in the 50s? How did Hirdy last to pick 79? How did someone like Brad Sewell get overlooked in several drafts and had to bust his guts for several years in the VFL before even getting a chance in the AFL?

Because recruiters are human and make mistakes. Players don’t develop as expected, players can’t handle to step up in level to the AFL.


Good to see that Myers is channeling the great man:


He was drafted way back in 2007 as a big bodied midfielder with a big foot. Back in 2007 you could get away with just being a big bodied midfielder who was a bit slow. Injuries have hampered his career (as too the Saga no doubt).


Myers was actually one of our first half back flanker conversions and wasn’t considered slow at the time.

You win some you lose some.




What is wrong with that sash…


Albert has his jersey on backwards! That’s why he was so good.
Opposition thought he was going but he was coming at you!


He played as a mid in WA…just HBF in the TAC Cup because they had so many mids.

Knights wanted him as an HBF though.


The blokes still made it to 100 games and forged himself a decent and ongoing career - more than most of us here can say. Maybe it’s not of the quality of what many of us were hoping, but you can’t call him a dud, more of a cog or role player.


If the team is in good shape he won’t be in the side. If he is, then I’m thinking we’ll still be around that 8th-12th mark. He’s average paced, has poor disposal and a below average handball and isn’t anything special inside and I reckon he was 50/50 to get another year when he was handed a 3 year deal.


Farking hipster!
Burn him alive!!


FWIW I rated Myers under 18 highlights video similarly to Dustin Martin.

As said above… sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.


Interesting as watching his highlights underage he had some pace. I think injuries to hammies and trying to bulk up have slowed him down.


Great bloke. Average player.

We should have traded him when clubs were chasing pre and post suspension. Likelihood Jobe wouldn’t come back would have been factor in post & our inside mid stocks were already limited.


If we didn’t take him, we probably would have gone with Rhys Palmer instead. Obviously Danger, Rance or Cyril would have been great, but I’m not sure they were considered options by the club.

One of our coaches once commented that they were surprised to find that he could barley handball on his right when he came to the club. Goes to show how little we invested in our recruitment department that we could pick someone at 6 and not know this.


I want David Myers to have his best year at the club.

And still not make the 22.




ashby told an ump to get ■■■■■■.

should we re-list him?