#23 David Myers




It’s not bad but I reckon a ‘Dirty Sanches’ would suit him better.


Yep VFL B&F like Buddha last year.


Problem is Zerret, Parish, Smith, McGrath, Zaka are all small. There’s Heppel whose got some height but he’s hardly huge, and then Stringer who we arent expecting defensive grunt work from. Langford is a good size but yet to prove himself.
Unfortunately Myers might be required a fair bit, but I hope not.


So the entire year will be determined by the form and selection of one fringish player? Seems plausible.

Fwiw there have been Premiers and legitimate contenders with far worse players than Myers.


No. We know Myers will be ordinary. If he is playing all year then it means guys like heppel and Goddard are injured, Langford and Laverde arent firing and our smaller mids arent coping with their bigger opponents.

His form wont make a difference, the fact he is playing is more of an indicator.

A bit harsh but kind of true.


Well no not really. The last time Myers had a good run at it, we were top 2 pushing for top 4.


I reckon Myers will have a good year and will play plenty of footy in the seniors


I’m still trying to understand how he was given a three year deal.


We need Myers more this year. without jobe.
small midfield, and Langford doesnt have the agression.

Only hope is that stringer spends time in middle, and Laverde given a crack in their as well.

Unlike Sam Lonergan, he does seem to have the fitness to run all day and is slightly a bigger body, plus a little more versatile up forward/ down back.

His biggest worry is durability, an early injury and one of the youngsters could go past him and hold the spot - Laverde, langford, Mutch, etc


He’s more versatile than Sammy Lonergan, You are really pumping him now.


This thread has gone off track. Can’t we just talk about how glorious his mo is? It’s an absolute belter!


How the selection panel treat Myers will be one of the fascinating things to watch over the year.

It is one of the key things that the coaches may have a very different opinion than the Blitz general opinion.

I’ll be looking for his name in round 1 team selection with interest.


If he’s playing it might mean one of those things. Maybe.

Definitely not all of them


He’s going to get plenty of games because we are short of big bodies around the ball.


No. No it’s not. It really isn’t…


This time last year there was a similar discussion around Ambrose. Come round 1 2017 Ambrose was named on the field. So the conclusion you had to draw was that at point Ambrose was best 22. Your point here is the same. Come round 1 if Myers is named in the team it will show us that he is considered in the best 22.
He certainly was named in the senior team consistently last year.


I can’t see us holding back Langford / LAV etc further nor will they be allowing it. They’ll push past Myers. Same goes for Mutch.

He would have been given priority due to the circumstances last year & where the younger players were in their development, I can’t see it happening anymore.

We don’t just want a big body in midfield for sake of it. We want an effective footballing big body at a high level, which he is not and never had been.

Anthony Miles got ejected from Tigers midfield as he provided very little ability to spread from contest and to provide pressure. And no versatility to rest fwd etc. And his numbers as a ball winner and tackler at AFL level are far superior to Myers.


Does his contract end this year or next year?


next. rip.