#23 David Myers


I agree about being in better shape if he is pushed out, although I’m pretty comfortable we can be
4-8 with him in the team.


The fact that Myers can only really play one role really counts against him.

I have a feeling he’s going to be in the side though.

Full essington.


I’m not as negative as some on Myers, but I agree with this point about just one role.

If he is going to play then the coaches must be expecting more from him than last year. I don’t think they’re silly enough to keep playing him if he’s still at last year’s level.
Hopefully it’s a combination of him being better prepared from a second pre-season back and playing better without Jobe in the team as some have suggested.

If Myers is playing regularly I think the lack of pace of him and Heppell will be less of an issue than last year. Most teams have a couple of guys with similar pace to those guys. None of them have a 3rd guy (Jobe) who was even slower and a 4th guy (Goddard) who also isn’t fast.
Sounds like Goddard won’t be playing much midfield this year so we could live Myers and Heppell in there as long as they’re not at too many stoppages together.

Having said all that, i’d still be happier if he’s overtaken by Langford, Begley or someone else.


Anyone have him in the side as a midfielder ahead of:
Heppell, Zerrett, Langford, Smith, Stringer, Zaka, Parish, McGrath?
Goddard in the side as a back/mid, Laverde and Begley competing for fwd/mid spots.

I can’t fit in Myers or Colyer, but i feel like we’re short of big bodies in the guts.


Error, error.


He is a superstar at VFL level. Trouble is we rarely see it at AFL level.

2017 he Started in the VFL ( Player Ratings reports)

5 VFL Super on return from injury. 34 disposals, eight marks, seven tackles and one goal. Dons’ can’t wait to have him back. -
6 VFL Impressed again through midfield. 27 touches, seven inside-50s and nine tackles. Ready to go.

Then he asked to be dropped after the port game.,

12 Port Still looks rusty…which is a concern as he’s been back for a few weeks now.
13 Bye.

14 VFL Best game of the season. 32 possessions, 12 clearances and three score assists. -
15 VFL Massive with 35 touches, seven clearances and nine inside 50s. Recall looming. -
16 Coll Wingman grabbed a lazy 31 disposals, added five clearances, five inside-50s and four tackles. Impressive running.

But after the Collingwood game he could not sustain the performance and dropped off again.

For me, now, at his age he either has to deliver, or give way to the younger players, who surely would go past him. If he can consistently deliver “a lazy 31 disposals, added five clearances, five inside-50s and four tackles. Impressive running.” then he will probably be on the team sheet regularly this year.



Myers to Coleman…


I say old chap, … umm, kick the blasted thing to me won’t you?

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No, I don’t.

However it is because my head desperately wants Langford to succeed as his success in the big mid role would make a massive difference to us. I don’t for one second think that Langford has better AFL level midfield performances than Myers. But I think we need to develop him, or lose him.

I don’t believe we are short of a big body in the middle. I’m happy to run Heppell and Langford in there with Stringer and even Goddard for pinch hitting and variation. All the other guys can be our shorter blokes. I really like the thought of Langford and Stringer swapping forward and mid. I maintain that Langford is an excellent medium tall forward.


Myers is a great VFL player no question. VFL is a very different game to AFL though. One is very much a game of territory and the other is increasingly a game of possession. Hoofing the ball long from stopagges is less than ideal in the AFL but isn’t punished in the VFL anywhere near as heavily.

Where in the VFL he can barge his way through and dump it long with a few players hanging off him he can’t do that to the same degree in the AFL and his disposal has to be far more thoughtful than it often is.

While he has the strength to stand up under pressure he lacks the creativity, vision and hands to do anything damaging with that gift and he doesn’t have the pace, agility or evasive skills required to buy himself more time to think about what he wants too do with the ball.

He’s good enough to make a contribution as a senior player but he isn’t going to be the player to take us forward and move us into the upper reaches of the ladder. I keep saying this but if he gets games ahead of Langford and laverde I’ll be pretty dark.

On the other hand if he comes in as injury cover for say hepp or Langford, id expect him to make a valuable contribution




This just needed to be said again. If Laverde and Langford aren’t up to beating Myers for a spot in the firsts than all three of them need to be cut from the list.


Hmm…not quite, but would be very disappointing.

I sounded harsh, but this what I meant by Myers having his best year, but still not generally making the 22.
It will mean Stringer IS cutting it as an inside mid, Langford is effective in there, and Laverde is too.

Really it would be ideal if:

Langford/Laverde/Stringer rotated from Mid-HFF-Bench and were all really contributing.

Myers as back up, ready go.

What we forget, is that in all premiership/top 4 sides, you have blokes killing it in the 2’s but just can’t get a look in.


Assuming Myers has a good pre-season, then I expect him to play round 1 and be given 5 or 6 games to cement his spot.




Yaco please…Oh that sounds about right actually.


I say old chap. Is something up with your banter?


Strongly agree with that summary. Myers is far from the first “VFL dominator, AFL plodder”, and he’ll be far from the last - the gulf in standard between the two leagues is large both in respect of the skill level as well as the physical development of the players, so it’s hardly uncommon for a strong-bodied but modestly skilled guy like Myers to dominate at VFL level but get found out in the AFL.


He’s actually still pretty quick at top speed. He’s just very slow off the line, and has very poor agility: basically the opposite of what you want in an inside midfielder.