#23 David Myers


Winderlich and Chapman had good years too!
5 years ago, move on.


Can blitz a press conference


That was a long time ago during times I don’t want to remember


I’m going to get flamed for this, but here goes anyway.

This guy is critical to us being successful this year. He is big, strong, smart, a leader and he loves a scrap at the contest.

Without him playing as a permanent inside mid, I’m not sure where our hard contested clearance work will come from.


Big bodied midfielders are a rare species on our list. We have 3 who actually have experience in the midfield.

Another ineffectual game by Langford ( 6 disp 0 contested from 42% game time ) and it seems certain that we will need Myers to have big year.


I reckon we need to cut the players returning from suspension some slack. I reckon Myers, Colyer and Heppel were all down last year. Hopefully they’ll return to their best this year.


I was thinking the same thing, the only guy that has strength and aggression in our midfield. Smith is the other one but he is tiny.


How long do we use that as an excuse?

I can understand cutting slack the first year back, but anything after that is fair game. Heppell needs to become an inside bull for us. He was on Cotchin at stoppages and was trailing behind him too often. I don’t see a spot for him if he’s not an inside mid.

Cotchin is a fine player, but Heppell needs to be better.

Really hoping they were all gastro victims.


Maybe this could be David Myers breakout year?


This stat kind highlights how mickey mouse our game was on Saturday… A young player who’s been earmarked for a crucial midfield role plays less than half the game and barely went near a contest…

Seriously, we took the gas on Saturday in most respects. Some areas of disappointment but the club took that game about as seriously as they did AFLX…


It could be. Was he born in December?


Unless we were seriously training to be human witches hats.




Help me David Myers, you’re our only (inside mid) hope,


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Lets face it he’s almost 29 and not going tov turn out to be a super mid but hopefully he can stay injury free and hit his peek which will benefit the team. He just needs a bit more agro and start cracking some skulls.


I’m afraid this is a completely unrealistic expectation.


Exactly. He was fkn woeful last year. We could use a hypothetical “David Myers at his best” but the guy is 29 and nowhere near what people have in their minds. Wait till he gets back.


It’s truly remarkable how the perceived ability or value of fringe best 22 players rises with each game they don’t play. As far as i can deduce, if we play Myers, Colyer gets over his foot injury and Francis comes back to the club, we’re a lock for the flag.


Wouldn’t get a game on another list.