#23 David Myers


That’s the problem.

Is there another role for him?


Yes, the one he has played basically all his career. A midfielder who racks up the footy at will, uses it pretty well and doesn’t shirk a contest.

If he has a better season this year than in 2017, Heppell will finish top 5 in the Brownlow. I go on like a broken record, but 2017 was statistically his best year equal with 2014.


Yes Myers is a big body player. But, he doesn’t find enough of the ball and can’t get it out when he does.

He doesn’t have that quick handball release that a good natural inside mid has. His first instinct is to kick. If he is bent down and picks up the ball he will try to stand up (getting tackled in the process) rather than quickly firing off the hand pass whilst still bent over or on the ground.

Sadly I don’t think he is the answer to the inside midfield issues.




He’s talking about Heppell.


Hypothetically if Myers won our B&F would it mean we win the flag or wooden spoon?


Same feeling I have if McKernan plays.


No one is saying that, what they are suggesting is that he will assist in this area.


I’m saying it.


So you are saying he is the answer to our inside midfield issues??



I said…


I think he marginally helps our midfield issue without being a real solution.


David Myers and Kyle Langford are the sexiest specimens here on hag island.


Myers needs to play to the maximum of his potential given his limitations. He is strong, mobile, courageous and kicks long. He needs to stay fit and improve a bit on each of his attributes. That will be enough. He will never be strong overhead, or by hand or quick over 5 metres. But his best is what we need, and together with hepp, zerrett, parish, zaka, mcgrath, goddard, smith & short bursts from tippa, raz & stringer, will form a very good midfield.


I’m unconvinced that his best is good enough to be what we need.

And if it isn’t, I’d prefer we continue to try to find the future answer, even if it isn’t quite there yet (or may not ever get there).

Having said that, Myers will get his chances this year. So we shall see.


If Myers and Langford are waiting for the ball to come loose from a pack I don’t understand their role. Not once did I see Langford try and extract. Over the weekend I saw plenty of bigger midfielders trying to rip the ball out or jump on the opposition to cause pain when the ball was about to be balled up.
Myers has to do things our other midfielders just don’t have the physique to do. Same goes for Langford.


Langford does it at VFL level.

Senior level he is either under different instructions or just not playing his role.


And no one is saying he is. They are saying he will help in an area we are weak in.
Do you want to go in circles again??


Myers is a ball magnet and beast at VFL level. Transfer that to AFL level, and he would be great, but it doesnt work that way.
As I see it, his presence at stoppages going head to head with the oppositions big body mid might allow our smaller mids, Darcy, Smith and Zerret to get the ball out to our runners a few more times each game, but Mysres will struggle to get more than 3-4 clearances himself. Gun inside mids average 7 clearances a game, and the very best make high quality clearances…

Incidently, did anyone notice that Irish had 3 clearances against Richmond ? Thats one less that Dustin Martin and 2 less that game high Darcy Parish, who was the best inside midfielder on the ground on Saturday.


I thought Cotchin was soft. He changed his game completely. So it is not only possible but also realistic.