#23 David Myers


Cochin has always been a gun though.

We may hate 2012 because of Jobe but he was a very very good player then


Even if you want to argue that Cotchin went from soft to hard that is simply a matter of going at the ball harder, his games style is pretty much still exactly the same.

Heppell doesn’t have the physical tools to be what people call a “bull” (Martin, Wines types) and it isn’t remotely the type of style he plays, and players don’t just suddenly change their entire football style in their mid 20’s. Heppell plays a more elusive game, he reads the ball in tight and tries to make time for himself by slipping through gaps. Maybe a slower Pendlebury is an OK comparison? I’m not sure though.

It’s silly to ask Heppell to become a Watson replacement because he plays a different sort of game, we simply need another gun ball winner in that mold to complement Heppell’s individual style.


But he does scrap at a contest and is pretty strong. I think that’s as good as we can hope for this year.


I see Hepp as a crafty mid, good part is he works even with being slowish. So he should be as good as this his whole career.


I was thinking more along the lines of contesting for the ball in general play, rather than being an inside bull getting the ball in stoppages, although I now realise that was what MP18 and L2L were talking about.

I think we are overly concerned with the lack of “inside bulls”. We just need to run harder both ways and go at the ball harder. It probably sounds too simplistic but sometimes it is so.


I was talking Re: Heppell there, but I am an unashamed Myers fan. Think he can play an important role, laying tackles and splitting midfield marking contests.


For anyone who knows how and/or has the time, i’d be very curious to see Myers stats in games where Watson played v games where Watson didn’t play.

Plus, there was some talk last year about Myers having a positive winning percentage for the games he’s played in. Again, i’d be curious about that stat in games where Myers played but Watson didn’t


For 2013/14/17, when both of them played a reasonable number of games, Myers averaged 19.6 per game in 14 games without Watson, 19.1 in 39 games with Watson.

W-L was 8-6 (57%) without compared to 25-14 (64%) with.


Thanks for that. Probably doesn’t say much in the end does it. :frowning:


Depends on the motivation, as everyone can go hard at it, given the correct carrot or big stick.

When I made the first eighteen at high school back when Ken Fletcher was a novice schoolteacher, my captain made is very clear that if I was not at the bottom of every possible pack fighting for possession of the ball that a severe beating would happen when I least expected it. I soon became an inside mid !


Or did you become the guy on the bottom of the pack flailing their arms around in a bid to avoid being beaten up?
I think we’re all talking about an effective inside mid here, not the weird kid continually at the bottom of stacks on the mill.


I am quietly optimistic about Myers this year.

Full preseason.

Utterly unheard of.


You probably just jinxed him.


I don’t really rate myers but even last year i thought we were better with him in the team than not.


The weird kid doesn’t know he is the weird kid


Joe has a Mo -GUN.

Myers now has a Mo.

I’ll let you figure out the rest.


80m drop punts OOF till the early morn?


Connor is hard as a Cats head. Try’s a little more than your average “almost an inside mid”


Interviewed on SEN. Pretty much just loves the way everyone goes about it. It’s on the club podcast feed.


All Myers has to bring to the table to help our midfield is his strength. If he can maximise his usage of that aspect and let others supply the finesse, we are already better off.